Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Prayer Warriors Needed

Alright friends I have a prayer request. For those of you who aren't from Eastern New Mexico or small towns across the nation let me fill you in a little on how we do. When there is a sports team in the state tournament, stores shut down, lights shut off, & the town goes to state to cheer them on. When ever somebody gets married you reserve an extra 200 seats, just for the hometowners. And y'all whenever a tragedy strikes family, friends, or neighbors.... We pray! We pray and we get our prayer chains working to help out whoever it is in need. Friends, this is when I need your help!

There is a sweet girl from a neighboring town of my hometown that was in a terrible boating accident Memorial Day weekend. Miss Shaina is still in ICU fighting for her life and touching people's lives all across the states of New Mexico and Texas. She has a facebook page set up under "Shainas Prayer Warriors" that updates everybody on her current condition and has 8700+ members that are currently praying for her.

So I ask of you to take a little time out of your hectic day to say a little prayer for her, or take some time to think about her and her loved ones. From personally having a close friend in a similar situation I know the pain and heart ache her loved ones are enduring. I ask you to pray for strength and faith for all those affected by this terrible tragedy. The power of Prayer is a wonderful thing! So, lets get together friends and help out a family in need.

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