Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend of Fun

Well as always things are crazy around here! School has been on crack the past couple weeks, but finally slowed down on Friday! Lucky for me it slowed down right in time for me to dress up for a costume party this past weekend! It was an absolute blast even if it did take me about 2 hours to paint my face on. I think that words could not begin to describe this any better than pictures so here we go!

At this point you might be thinking... What the heck? Why did you just add pictures of some chola girl? Well folks that is indeed me! (If you are new to the blog my picture is in the right upper corner!) Yep, you heard me right. Don't feel bad some of my good friends knew that I was going to be a chola and still did not recognize me! Pretty crazy huh? I was so far deep into the mannerisms of my character that I was struggling Sunday morning when I woke up to talk like a normal person. It was pretty histerical!

Miss Artesia and Laker Lover in their cute costumes
& me being real ghetto! Haha

Kappa Psi Family!

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Have a great week friends!!


  1. Best. Costume. Ever. My blog on Wednesday lists my Top 3 Halloween pictures from 2012. You'll be on it. :)


  2. I'm over here from Tiffany's ^^ blog! GREAT costume!