Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Weekend Trip to Portland

Last weekend was my only weekend I had alone, so I decided to take a little road trip to Portland, OR. My coworkers were nice enough to offer me suggestions of where to go, so I hit the road. My day was filled with a lot of walking and a lot of sites to visit. I started out at Portland's Saturday Market, then headed over to Powell's bookstore before lunch. I snuck in a quick bite to eat at Jake's Famous Crawfish Restaurant before hitting up the mall. I mean come on, if you are in Oregon with no sales tax, you have to go shop. Unfortunately I was not as successful as I would have liked to be at the mall, but was able to find a few things. Portland was a blast and a great way to spend on Saturday.

Portland's finest

Isn't this tree gorgeous? 
Crab and Fish Cakes for lunch, don't mind if I do!
All the more reasons I am falling in love with the Pacific West!

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  1. My husband just traveled to Portland and loved Powell's bookstore. He promised me a trip there in the future. :)

    That food looks delicious!