Friday, November 8, 2013

Mrs. Texas Comes To Visit

This past weekend, Mrs. Texas and her mom came to visit. It was the best weekend I have had in a long time and here is all the pictures to document the fun.

We started out the morning at the Capital building and grounds. It was beautiful around there and great to see all their memorial areas. 

After we toured around the capital we headed downtown. There were lots of cute little shops to browse through before we went to breakfast at Darby's. It is a local restaurant that was featured on Diners, Dine-Ins and Drives, so that was pretty cool. After our lunch we decided to go walk them off and ended up around the Capital Lake. It was perfect timing and so peaceful.

Since we are in the hot spots for microbreweries we had to go visit one out of respect. ;) Fish Tale is a local favorite. Literately 15 minutes after we sat down the entire room filled up. There is where the grand inspiration for the evening showed up.... Tacoma Comedy club. For those of y'all who haven't been to a comedy club, GO. It was a great night!

I was doing really good taking pictures, then we left Olympia and I stopped. After we saw all the sites in Olympia we toured down to the outlet malls south of town then headed north to Tacoma before we headed to Seattle for the normal sites.

The weekend was filled with lots of laughs, lots of fun, and lots of great memories.

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  1. These pictures are great!! Looks like it's absolutely beautiful there! So glad you had fun visitors!