Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Check it out!

During these past few months, I have stumbled on a few interesting articles. If y'all have some extra time today, check them out!

A picture thats worth a thousand words.
For those of y'all who love photos as much as I do, this article is a must see. Sometimes when our words fail us, we can refer to that visual documentation to spark a million memories. These are some pretty inspiring/humbling/remarkable photos.

I've got the travel bug.
With my last few days of college are coming to an end, I have the travel bug now more than ever. Then I found this article about some of the most beautiful hotels you need to check out before you die. These hotels have some of the most breath taking views! I would love, love, love the opportunity to stay in each one of these, but I would certainly be ok with only seeing a handful of these amazing places.

& the bug just got worse.
Then to make my travel bug even worse, this article is a list of 11 people who left behind their normal their normal lives to go on a grand adventure. Easy girl, don't get any crazy ideas. . . yet.

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