Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Soldiers Angel: My Final Box

First off, thank you for sticking with me through the craziness of the past few weeks. I am officially done with the didactic portion of my pharmacy career. The next few weeks are pretty hectic as well with packing, moving, and getting everything ready for rotations. I will do my best to keep y'all informed along the way.
This one is a little bitter sweet, this is my last soldier's box that I will be sending. On the bright side my soldier will be coming home and reunited with his family at the beginning of June. Since it was his last box I wanted to make a "New Mexico Thanks You" box.

This box was divided into three different parts. The first part of the box was filled with goodies from the good 'ol Land of Enchantment. I sent lots of different types of chile, salsa, chili flavored popcorn, peanut patty from Leslie's candy company, candied pecans from Las Cruces, and pistachios. Along with all the goodies I added a few postcards with NM facts on the back of them.

The second part of the box was a Thank You portion. I must admit this portion of my box I got inspiration from good 'ol Pinterest. I actually had the picture saved on my phone since January and was excited that I finally was able to use it. The original version had the candy bars taped to a poster board, but since I am mailing this overseas I just made a smaller copy and added the candy bars in the box.

The final part of the box was done with the help of my parents. Originally my parents wanted to send a box of letters and goodies from the school they teach at (House HS), "From Our House to Yours". Unfortunately with the craziness of life and the time frame shrinking, we combined our two boxes. They were able to get some of their students in elementary and high school to write letters to my soldier and his medical team.

I am sad to see this project come to an end, but I have thoroughly enjoyed it and plan on adopting many more soldiers in the future. If y'all are interested in finding out more about adopting a soldier, I encourage you to click here.



  1. This turned out awesome, Lauren!! I know that he will love it!