Friday, May 24, 2013

The Past Few Weeks

Y'all heard how crazy life has been, but man oh man it sure has been great as well! After I got all moved out, I spent a few days at home with some good 'ol R&R. In between my resting and relaxation I was able to shoot my new gun, make a pumpkin pie, and see my beautiful friend, Lovely Country Mess. It was pure bliss!

A few of my favorite shots from my trip back home.

True to my nature I ended up leaving home later than I had expected and ended up checking my mail when I had got back into town around 11 pm. Well folks I think I might just start doing that from now on because I seem to always get good news when I do that. Remember what happened last time? This time I actually received another letter from a soldier. This letter was completely unexpected and awesome. My soldier has been putting all of my letters and care packages in the aid station to share with the other soldiers. Turns out the soldier that is taking his spot as lead physician has been seeing them and wanted to write a letter to thank me. How sweet is that? It completely made my day. It is amazing how much one simple gesture can completely change your day!

Next thing on the list was Mermaid Barbie's bachelorette party! Now a little background on Mermaid Barbie: She just graduated pharmacy school and is one of the most sweetest, genuine, caring people I know. I met her the summer before I started pharmacy school. She was doing her first rotation at Roden Smith Pharmacy and I was shadowing the pharmacist. We bonded over Bahama Bucks dates and late night movies with Baylor Babe (another one of my absolute favorites)! Anyways, she is getting married June 15 so before everybody left town, we had a night to celebrate her. As you can tell from the picture below, we all wore wigs and had a blast! FYI if anyone you know is getting married, I definitely recommend having some wigy fun :)

The beautiful bride and a few of my other favorites!

The next couple days were spent in the classroom getting my concealed carry handgun license. So y'all better watch out, because homegirl here qualified 100% on the shooting portion!

After the fun was over, the rest of the week was spent sorting and packing and organizing my clothes. Gosh this is not a fun task! How is a girl supposed to fit all her clothes and essentials in a compact car to live out of for a year? Well I will just tell you it is not fun!

Until next time my lovelies!

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  1. Sounds like so much fun!! I love your photos of home. So pretty!