Monday, June 24, 2013

Shadow Box Fun

Alright folks, I have been on two major trips across the world; Australia in 2008 and Egypt in 2012. From both of my wonderful trips I kept a few items to help me remember the trip as the years pass. Since I was able to have a little bit of free time before rotations start I decided to start marking items off my to do list. First item up was these two shadow boxes and I was even smart enough to remember to take pictures along the way as well. Go me!

1--Buy a shadow box that will fit all the contents you want to add. I wanted to add scrapbook paper behind my souvenirs so I stuck with a 12x12.

2--Buy paper, stickers, and whatever other kid of decorations you want to add. Unfortunately good 'ol Hobby Lobby didn't have any pyramid, sphinx or other egyptian stickers so I just stuck with the paper.

3--Next, gather all your souvenirs  you want to add and try to make them all fit on your background paper. As you can tell I had a lot of junk priceless memories that I was trying to add in the box. So many that I forgot to add a picture of me from the trip. Epic Fail. After you have everything you want begin to glue or pin it down. The next part is the tricky part, making it all fit in the box. I had a few loose items I didn't glue down, but wanted to add at the bottom.

4--Here are the final versions of my two trips. One added bonus to making the boxes, was remembering all of the memories of the trip along the way. Also, now that I am done I realized I never added a date or the name of the cities I visited. I will probably go back and add a piece of paper on the back of each with both those items and anything else I noticed I forgot.

--Egypt 2012--
Hurghada, Luxor, Aswan, Cairo

--Australia 2008--
The Gold Coast

What are some of y'alls favorite trips you want to capture in a shadow box to hang on your wall?


  1. I absolutely love these!! You did so great! I would now like for you to help me go back in time, save cool things from my trips, and then make me boxes. :)


  2. Sooo cool! It makes me wish I would have saved stuff from trips. I'm a total neat freak though and can't stand random little pieces of paper and such though so I throw away stuff pretty much as soon as I get home. Fail.

    These look awesome. Well done.


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