Monday, August 19, 2013

Catch Up Time

Alright guys, well I officially stink at bloggin' and Miss Football called me out on it the other day! I completely missed the entire month of July. :( Things have been pretty crazy around here lately. I am currently about to finish up my THIRD rotation for pharmacy school and gosh this summer has just flown by! Since I would be bloggin' for days about everything that has been going on, I figured I will just show a few pictures to catch y'all up on the last month and a half. Buckle up y'all, its going to be long!

Mom's side of the family went camping between Rotation 1 & 2!
It was an absolute blast & I wish we could have spent more than 4 days!
Here is a little description of Brother of Mine & my relationship.
Of course Laker Lover and I had to have a few BB dates
while I was back in ABQ for my 2nd rotation!
One of the easier weekend's I had on Rotation #2,
Laker Lover and I had a movie marathon while I did my nails!
Oh and of course I had to buy my personal car mascot :)
The last full weekend in ABQ, Laker Lover's Dad and Sister came to town.
We started off the weekend with dinner and a movie.
Of course you can't go to a movie without sneaking in some candy.
The next night, Laker Lover, her sister, Fratty Frat, My Little B & I
all went out to the famous DB! We met up with some other friends there
& had an absolute blast! Can't beat country music and two-steppin' cowboys.
I captured this beauty one of my last nights in town!
Man, how great is our GOD!
This little angel turned 6 & 7 months old while I was MIA!
Isn't she just absolutely precious?
P.S. Less than a week until I get to go stay with her :)
One night I got a little excited that we were finally getting
some of God's beautiful rain! Gotta love summertime monsoon season.
Home sweet home for Rotation #3 :)
I mean I guess I can live with driving past this beautiful scenery
twice a day on my way to work. Life is rough, huh?
Spent a little time at the arena watching my cousins rope.
Started this new thing called running. Evidently it is all the fad.
Spent every evening after work with these beauties.
Call me crazy, but not much beats the smell of a cold room.

Well that is just a little recap of all the crazy happenings of my life lately! I hope everything has been going good yall's way. Hopefully next time I won't go a month and a half without checking in. Until next time my loves!

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  1. Miss Football approves. I feel like my day has started off right now. Good work, friend! :) jealous that you got to hang out in the cool room. SO JEALOUS.