Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I NEED your help!!

Along with the semester coming to a close I am trying to get ready for all the madness of summer (IPPE rotation, Camping, Float Trip, Egypt.... you get the point)! Well as part of pharmacy school we have to do a 4 week rotation of free work during the summer (that't the IPPE I referred to above). I figure it would probably not be too professional to have a rainbow in my hair (which I have right now).

I currently have/had purple on the bottom layer of my hair. So now I have to decide what I want to do with it.  If you did not know this already, I am not the best person for ideas on hair. I can tell you that I want to keep it dark. My hair is pretty close to my natural color right now, and I like it (or I am used to it). I can also say that I do NOT, let me repeat, do NOT look good with blonde. I tried the whole blonde highlights one time and it was a disaster. I also like having red in my hair and if I ever have time to spend outside my hair naturally turns red, so that is pretty cool. Unfortunately for me, most of my days are either inside studying or inside doing something else. Lucky for me Laker Lover is good at helping me with my hair, but I thought I would get yall's feedback as well. Below are two of her picks, but I would love to see what y'all think I should do.

I think I am leaning more towards the bottom picture, but I am certainly open for options! Feel free to either email me or leave a comment on your ideas!

Hope y'all are having a great week! 


  1. The fact that I didn't know you did the purple hair thing means that we seriously need to hang out more often! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bottom picture!


    1. I know! The sad part is I dyed it in January :/ Yes we will definitely catch up after finals are done! T-Minus 3 weeks from today :)