Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting

Oh how pinteresting.....

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  This past weekend y'all heard me mention that my lovely mother was in town. She was actually in town until yesterday for the Professional Photographers Association of New Mexico annual conference. The conference ended with a conference banquet that showcased tons of gorgeous shots. So in the spirit of photography here are some of my favorites from pinterest :) Enjoy y'all!

First off I thought I would show y'all some of my mother's work. Now before y'all start saying something, the only pictures I have on my computer are of me so just to enjoy it.


This first one I found on pinterest that I absolutely LOVE! What a creative and fun idea. I will definitely be doing this with my future family even if it's 10, 20, or 30 years from now! I have linked the website where this photograph came from. I encourage y'all to go look at the full story behind this picture.

Now some of my favorites of the kiddos...

Love the glitter!
BEAUTIFUL baby & LOVE the accessories!

Can you say UP?!?
Couple/Wedding shots too cute to miss...

TOO funny!
Great idea to start with the future hubs.
P.S. This does not mean you missed something, I am still single. 
Love sparklers on the 4th. Why not add it to your special day!

Another one of God's beautiful creations...

Props to the photographers who edited these bad boys...

Happy Hump Day y'all :)


  1. Love the picture of you throwing the javelon! Also love the one of the people holding the picture frames--great idea!


    1. Thanks doll :) I love that picture as well! Sooo many good ideas on pinterest!

  2. I love the picture of the groom showing off his ring. Would be great if you embedded the link in the picture so I could find the source.

    1. Oh good idea Abby!! I will work on figuring out how to do that. Thanks for the idea :)