Friday, September 7, 2012

Hello Weekend Loves

It is official! School has officially started back to take over my life! We had our first therapeutics (main class) test yesterday! Yuck! Y'all are more than welcome to start praying for a good semester that hopefully flies by! So along with all those study sessions, tests, organization meetings, and generation rx events, also comes.... football season, social events, Kappa Psi pledge process, state fair and family visiting! I could not be more excited for this month to take off.

My exact thought about school starting! :/
I may or may not have been taking pictures instead of listening in class!
You haven't really missed out on anything too major since school started. The only thing hardly worth mentioning, if you haven't already seen me, is Laker Lover dyed my hair. Our conversation went something along the lines of this:
Me- I want to dye my hair!! Ideas?
LL- Oh yes let's do it! I want to dye mine too. We can do it this weekend.
Me- Ok sounds good, what should I do with it?
LL- How about really red!
Me- Um.... I don't think so! I am too chicken for that.
LL- Oh come on, you know it will always fade out eventually.
Me- Ok fine you talked me into it! Haha
As you can see it didn't take a lot of convincing since she is usually the one that tells me what to do with my hair. Well it was pretty red red when I dyed it, but I really like it now. After showing my parents the picture, their response was: I like it. It's about time your redheaded attitude matched your hair color. Um... I am going to assume you meant that in the best way possible.

Dye on hair looked purple (insert slight panic attack) and started threatening LL that it better look good!
Glove had a hole in it and LL's hand got dyed! The joke is on you!

The finished product! Yay for being a redhead :)
The weekend is going to be a fairly calm one and I am pretty stinking happy about that!

I hope y'all have a terrific weekend dolls!

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