Thursday, September 27, 2012

Update on My Life

As I am sure most of y'all have picked up on, I have been super busy since we last talked! These past few weeks/weekends have been super hectic! To start off where we finished last time, the pledging went great with My Little B great! She looked pretty stinking awesome with her feather headdress as you can see...

Geriatrics day in lab! I got to be a little old lady
with my Vaseline covered glasses & sling!

Little B & I

You guys missed out on the happiest week of the year for most of my life... State Fair! My parents came into town the first weekend of the fair, along with my entire Mother's side, part of my Father's side and friends from across the state! It was a terrific weekend to say the least. A much deserved weekend of familiarity! As for results my family had a great year in the steer show! Between three kids and five steers they had 3 class winners, 2 second place calves, 2 breed champions, and 1 reserve breed champion! Whew what a great year!

Champion Simmental
Champion Angus!
Oh and we also had 2 dang awful tests this past week, so I was not a fan of that cutting into my fair time! Finally, on to this past weekend. Friday after our last test, Laker Lover, Fratty Frat and I left to Oklahoma to meet up with Laker Lover's dad, uncle and my brother! Saturday morning we started out with breakfast at Laker Lover's mother's house, then off to tailgating we went. It was an absolute blast, just as expected! Towards the later part of the day we had a surprise visit from our friend, Nebraska. We went to undergrad with her and she is now at OSU (I know, don't hold it against her though! She doesn't know any better!) working on her PhD. Needless to say it was really great seeing her!

Brother & I taking our
2nd Annual OU v. K-State game day picture!
Road trippinnnnnn'

Our friend, Nebraska!
Boomer Sooner! Laker Lover & I

Fratty Frat, Me, Laker Lover
Laker Lover's Dad and Uncle with us at the game!

The game didn't exactly turn out to be how we (everybody, but brother) were expecting, but it was still a great trip! I could not of asked for a better weekend to finish off my awesome week! I hope everybody else's week/weekends have been just as great! I will work on keeping y'all more up to date on my life happenings.

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