Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Entirely New Hairdo

As promised, an update on the new hairdo! Just a disclaimer to start with, these picture were taken each time Laker Lover asked how my hair was coming, so ignore the faces. :)

I have been wanting to redo my hair and had planned on adding in some turquoise. After I got the ok from High School BFF that it would be ok to have crazy hair in her wedding, I got a recommendation from Bob for the stylist I went to and he was fabulous! When I made my appointmnt, I informed them my plans and asked them to make sure they had turquoise in stock, he assured me they would.  Well the process got going and when he started putting on the color, I realized it was more teal than turquoise. So that means more green than blue, the one thing I did not want! Lovely. It ended up working out ok and I am happy with it, just not what I was expecting. I guess Laker Lover will have to touch up with turquoise whenever it fades. Lets just hope that it does not fade to a nasty green/yellow color! We cerntainly do not want that.

Part 1: Mixing up the colors.
Part 2: Color done, mixing up the teal.

Part 3: Setting the teal.
Part 4: Final Product!
Part 5: Mrs. Texas saw the above picture and said it was subtle,
so  I had to send her another side of it.

How do y'all like the new hair?


  1. Fun! It's always risky, but I'm glad you were happy with the final outcome. Quite daring and exciting, I must say!


  2. I'm so scared about my hair I will never do anything crazy, but I admire you for doing it!!