Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday F.U.N.

Our last semester of pharmacy school is filled with tests and LOTS of group work. Seriously it takes over your life with all the group meetings. Lucky for us, our main project, in public health we had to create a video raising awareness to a public health topic, so that was a nice change of pace anyways.

Immediately we started planning. Laker Lover, Miss Artesia, and I wanted to do a fun video. We decided to remake the Spice Girls song Wanna Be. For those of you who are not aware of the song you can check out the original here. Our version is kind of silly, but was a lot of fun to do. Oh and a BIG shout out to You I Am for his help with vocals and editing! Seriously y'all he is awesome, go check out his music. Oh and did I mention he is also in med school right now. He is a rockstar! I hope y'all enjoy it and get a laugh out of it this beautiful Friday!

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  1. You were meant to be a ghetto man. Seriously, hilarious. "I had to drive the bus here!"