Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for so many things . . .

1. Tomorrow is Friday and I get to actually have a weekend this time! It is the absolute worst when you have Monday tests because you have to spend all weekend studying and the next week is super long!

2. George Strait concert is tomorrow as well!! Did I mention he is on his final tour and Martina McBride is opening up for him? Yes thats right, good-bye tour, in my town, & I. AM. GOING! Be jealous :)

3. Saturday I am gettin' my hair didddddd. This one I have been looking to all week, I will post pictures soon!

4. One week from today I will be leaving the city for High School BFF's wedding! Homegirl will have her hair done, nails did, and spray tan applied! I cannot wait! It is going to be a blast and I can't wait to share this special day with her.

5. Only 36 days left of my academic career. Can I get a Whoohooo?!?

6. I have the best friends and family that has offered to help with soldier's angel letters. Y'all are the best. End of discussion.

7. Despite the test on Monday and pointless group assignments, this week has been terrific so far!

8. The small things in life that I am able to find joy in. I found a new background for my phone and every time I see it, it puts me in a better mood. It is crazy how something so small can change so much.

9. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous this week!

10. You. Yes you, you that are reading my blog right now. Thank you for stopping by, whether it is daily or just this once, I appreciate it and hope you are enjoying your time.

We are almost to the weekend, hang in there dolls!


  1. These are all such great things! I'm getting my hair did today too....doesn't it just make you feel like a new person??


  2. Yay for George!!!

    I'm loving all the things you're thankful for on this Thursday. :)