Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekend Update

This was one of the most laid back weekend I have had in awhile, and it was absolutely perfect!

After work Papa & G-Ma picked me up so we could head north to Hatch. Two of my cousins were playing their rivals in basketball so we didn't want to miss out on any of the action. We ended up making it to Hatch just as the JV basketball game was starting. The game was pretty close and my cousin ended up shooting a few three's, scoring some free shots, and playing hard. Unfortunately the game did not end as we hoped, but they played good.

Next up, his older brother hit the court. Now this game had a lot more action in it. Before I give y'all the play by play, you should get to know my cousin. He is one of the sweetest, kind souled people I know. He is a junior in HS and a doll; he rarely uses his temper and is always smiling. Oh and he is never in foul trouble!! With that being said, he had 1 technical foul contributing to his 4 fouls with 3 minutes left in the 2nd quarter. Yep, you heard me right. The game was intense!

So first quarter, he got two quick fouls. The first foul was debatable, but the second was a good call. Next, up was a hustle foul in the beginning of the 2nd. Now the action starts, but before that let me give you a little background. My cousins had 2 cousins that were also playing that night, for Hatch. They are all very close, go to the same church, show together, go on trips together, etc. Well one of the twins was struggling for a jump ball with my cousin and after the whistle was blown, my cousin lightheartedly  reached out and gave him a love tap on his shoulder. Now I am saying it this way because there was no malicious attitude between either of them, but some laughing and smiling. I am guessing that one of them said something to the other, but who knows. Needless to say, the ref just saw his arm extended and  the whistle was blown; technical foul. Haha It caused quite the uproar from the stands.

Well as you can imagine, after 4 fouls that quick, he set the rest of the half, the third and part of the fourth. After he was finally able to come back in, it was game on. He joined the rhythm of the game and did his part of contributing to the final score. They ended up winning the game and it was quite the triumph.

Whew, doesn't that make you miss high school sports? What a great way to spend my Friday night!

This was an absolutely perfect day! We were completely lazy day watching movies. In between movies, we had a great lunch and I read a book. The only thing we had to worry about was whether or not we wanted to add chocolate syrup on our ice cream.

Since Saturday was such a relaxing day, I had to do some catch up yesterday. Pretty much just the usual, laundry, homework, blogging, etc. It was an absolutely perfect weekend! I hope yall's was just as relaxing and fun.

Happy Monday Loves!

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  1. The ref clearly isn't from small town America where you play your cousins/friends/siblings on other teams. Ha!