Wednesday, March 19, 2014

25 by 25: Let the FUN begin!

Since today is my birthday, I am starting a fun, year long adventure. I am sure y'all have heard of these types of lists before, but my inspiration came from some fellow blog friends. Miss FootballAlmost Gypsy Soul, and A Desert Girl each did one of these lists last year before thier 30th birthday and like all good blog ideas, I am borrowing it. So here it is, the 25 things I want to complete from now until my 25th birthday.

  1. Graduate with my PharmD and become a practicing pharmacist.  This one is pretty self explainatory, but definitely my number one goal for this year.
  2. Complete a craft project once a month. I have a constant list on my phone of craft projects I want to complete, so this one won't be too hard and a lot of fun!
  3. 25 Random Acts of Kindness. This one will be completed the 25 days preceding my birthday. Besides that, it is pretty self explanatory.
  4. Send a surprise in the mail to a loved one once a month. I probably have a million things I have pinned on Pinterest that I want to make, plus I love sending people things in the mail. It always warms my heart when I receive a letter or something unexpectedly in the mail so I want to reciprocate the felling to my friends.
  5. Travel to 2 different states. I have been to 23 states, so I want to add 2 more to get me to an even 25 before my 25.
  6. Anonymously pay off somebody's electric bill during the winter.  I think I heard about this one on the news my first year of pharmacy school and I just remember thinking what a great idea that was. Since I will finally have a job that I can afford to help somebody out like that, I am very excited for the opportunity.
  7. Volunteer my time where it is needed. This one is pretty open to variability. I just want to spend some time volunteering and giving back. I am not quite sure how or where I plan on volunteering my time. So if y'all have any suggestions of good opportunities, I am all ears.
  8. Knock off 5 bucket list items. This one is going to be fun! There are so many options to choose from, where should I start?
  9. Try 12 new restaurants. Sometimes I get stuck in my rut and don't explore with anything. I go to the same restuarants I always go to, eat the same things I always like, and don't venture out. So here we go with 12 new restuarants.
  10. Make blessing bags to keep in my car. This one is all over the internet and Pinterest. We also made some of these for CPFI (Christian Pharmacist Fellowship International) and they were a huge hit. Here is a link that explains the general idea of them.
  11. Run a race. Last July I made a goal for myself to learn to love to run within the year. I have gotten to where I enjoy it now, but I have yet to run in an actual race. I did do a virtual race last Thanksgiving, so I guess that kind of counts.
  12. Pray a voiceless prayer. This one was on Miss Football's list & I fell in love with the idea. I mainly just want to work on strengthening my relationship with God so this is really a two-part task I am looking forward to doing.
  13. Call a loved one once a week. This was actually my G-Ma's idea and I love it. Now when G-Ma suggested it, Papa informed me that it couldn't be 5 calls a day to my Mom while I learn how to cook. Of course the first thing I had to do was inform him that I knew how to cook, then I added it to the list.
  14. Try 24 new recipes. This one obviously came from the challenge listed above. Evidently somebody is vastly underestimating my cooking skills. Perhaps he did not remember my skills I picked up during 4-H favorite foods contests. 
  15. Watch a new movie each week. If y'all know anything about me, you know that I am a huge movie fan! I am always interested in checking out the latest movie, but 52 new movies will certainly be a challenge and a little piece of sanity for me to look f0rward to.
  16. Redesign my blog. It is in a desperate need of renovation. Enough said.
  17. Buy a new nail polish once a month. Everybody has that one thing that they do as an instant mood booster; mine happens to painting my nails. I have been slowly trying to improve my nail art skills and I think this will be a fun way to work on that.
  18. Paint a piece of art (probably a skyline). During my rotations I had in T or C last year, I met a patient that was absolutely adorable. He used to be a musical composer that organized an international concerts for over 15 years. Well after he hit his 90s, his hearing gave out on him. One day he came home and his wife had an easel set up with a picture and told him to paint it. After he stopped admitting his lack of confidence in his painting skills, he finished the painting; since then he has had a sweet past time hobby. So since I have an insane obsession with skylines, the inspiration was born.
  19. Adopt a new soldier. I adopted a soldier for the first time last year and absolutely loved it. It was definitely one of my favorite things I have done. It was a great way to give back to those who risk their lives to protect our freedom and ended up being the highlight of my week each time.
  20. Plan a trip to Europe. I have planned on visiting Europe since I was a little girl, so here it is. Now for those of you *cough*Miss Football*cough* that have been to Europe, I will take suggestions on all the hot spots to visit. I may not be able to go to Europe this next year, depending on a job and what not, but I want to get the trip in the books for sure.
  21. Apply for the Amazing Race. O-Chem Friend has wanted to apply for the Amazing Race as long as I have known him. Well obviously over the years and having our relationship develop, I have also became interested. With that being said, we are going to apply for the Amazing Race! The application process is a little different than I was expecting, so I will certainly have to do more research, but I am very excited about it all!
  22. Jamie Eason Live Fit Program. This year I have been working on getting my happy butt back into shape and this program I have heard lots of good results about. This one I am planning on completing after I get settled in to a town & job.
  23. Find a financial planner. As y'all know, I am about to become a big girl with a big girl job and along with that comes responsibility to start paying off stuff like student loans and what not (but whose keeping track) :) Since I am going to be going from a student financial status to a pharmacist status, I figured I should get some hep with 401K and stuff.
  24. Explore a city I have never been to. The name pretty much gives it away, but I haven't decided yet which city to visit. I am kind of leaning towards Washington D.C. right now, but I am still up for suggestions.
  25. Donate money to a St. Luke's Children's Hospital. I think since I decided I wanted to practice in the health care industry, I have had a connection with St. Luke's. Now that I have (or will have) a job, I am excited to start donating to an awesome cause.

Alright now that I have it all listed, let the fun begin. Each month I will post a blog catching y'all up on everything I have completed that month.

This little gem I stole from Almost Gypsy Soul:
I reserve the right to add, delete and amend this list however I see fit throughout the year.


  1. I LOVE your list! I can't wait to follow you through your jouney on it! I'm still working on mine even though I'm not longer 30, oh well. And I'm really glad you reserved your right to add, amend etc! Always a good idea to allow yourself some freedom!

  2. Ahh! I love this! Love, love, love, you have SO much good stuff! I also love your Grandpa...that's a funny guy! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!