Friday, September 27, 2013

Update Time

Well as you guessed it, life has not slowed down since we last talked. Lets just say I am very thankful to finally be on my vacation month! Whoohoo ;) So as for the update on all my craziness, here we go!

My last rotation was in Lubbock, Texas living with with Mrs. Lubbock and Kaydence Lynn. To make my stay that much better, High School BFF had her precious little boy the first Tuesday I was there! Both little ones are absolutely precious and have their Auntie Lauren wrapped around their tiny little fingers! I sure am lucky that my friends have the most precious kids to keep me busy until I have my own.

So as for the rotation, it was GREAT! I was with Walgreens doing Medication Therapy Management as well as some pharmacy management and other stuff y'all probably do not care about the details, but I had a blast! My preceptor aka boss was great, which no doubt my rotation that much better. It was definitely the best rotation that I have had so far, which led into my vacation month perfectly.

Vacation. . . ahhh can we just sit and think about that for a minute. No homework, tests, studying, working, or dealing with mean customers for an ENTIRE month? No stinkin' way! Well I wish it was that easy, but y'all know I am not the sit back and drink coffee all day kind of girl. So lets just break it down for you . . . (take a deep breath)

I spent one last weekend in Lubbock with my loves and their little ones. On Tuesday I drove to Kansas to Surprise Brother of Mine for a few days (which I have had a ball BTW). Tomorrow I will drive down to Roswell, NM to help Daddy O out at the Eastern New Mexico State Fair. Next Wednesday I am meeting Laker Lover in Artesia to get our hair did (of course), then sometime towards the end of the week I will be headed back to my parents house to re-pack my car before I leave for Washington. On October 8th (the following Tuesday) I am going to ABQ for a few days to see some friends and hopefully work a little. Then the BEST part of the vacation happens after we hit up the Balloon Fiesta, on Ocotober 11th Mother Dearest & I will be loaded down on a week long road trip to Washington for my next rotation!! Whewww, did you get all that?

I can not tell you how excited I am for October the 11th. Knowing that I am a planner, I already have the trip planned out "slightly" but would be willing to take suggestions to cool places to hit up. So far on the itinerary we have: Las Vegas (to see Baylor Babe), Pfieffer Beach (at the suggestion of Future Famous Guy), San Francisco (I am sure Miss Football has a few suggestions here for me?), Napa Valley, National Redwood Forrest, Portland, Seattle's main tourist attractions and the suspension bridge in Vancouver. What places to we need to hit up along the way or in those spots?

I hope y'all are all doing great! Until next time lovelies!