Monday, January 27, 2014

Be good.

This is one of my favorite quotes lately. Hopefully this will be my last unthought out blog until I can get back on the wagon again. Happy Monday y'all :)

Thursday, January 23, 2014


This pretty much describes the last 8 months for me. I am so thankful for my education allowing me to travel and my family and friends allowing me to make their home my own. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A YEAR for the Books Folks

Another year has come to pass before we knew it. 2013 was one hell of a year (excuse my french). I have traveled all over the USA and even made a pit stop in good 'ol Canada.

January--The new year was very uneventful this time. I think I actually fell asleep about 10pm and woke up in the new year to go to work. My dear friend, Mrs. Texas, had her sweet little one this month! Miss Kaydence Lynn was born on January 4th and I have been wrapped around that little one's finger since.

This month started ones of the best things I did this year, adopt a soldier. I was assigned a solider that was deployed until June 1st as a Lieutenant in the Army. So January started all of my planning of care packages and homemade cards.

February--This month was pretty well consumed with school, well that and the contagion that invaded my body. I spent a good half of February and part of March sleeping on the couch and coughing, coughing, coughing, coughing. I finished the month off in OKC at a province conclave with some of my favorite people. This trip started off my 3 cities in 5 weeks adventure!

The bus ride on the way up there!
The original DB crew!

Laker Lover
The girls :)
Laker Lover & Miss Artesia
March-- Next up on the travel blog was, Los Angeles! Pharmacists and students from all over invaded LA at the beginning of March for the Annual American Pharmacists' Association meeting. This meeting was especially fun because our school won the national award for the Generation Rx.

Laker Lover & I at the Thunder v. Clipper game!

We got back from LA on Monday and by Friday I was back on the road again, this time for Kansas. I spent my spring break traveling from NM to KS to TX and back! The rest of the month was spent celebrating my birthday and hearing back from my soldier!

April--This was a month of changes. High School BFF went from a Miss to a Mrs, from brown hair to turquoise, and from country girl to cholo gangsta rapper (yes cholo not chola).

A few from my Kappa Psi family at our banquet.
SOOO excited for my turquoise hair!
High School BFF on her big day!!

May--This month was one of the better ones because I finished out my didactic portion of my pharmacy career. Let me tell you, it was nice to be able to go home at night and not have to worry about studying for a test or writing a paper. Before I was able to finish the last bit of my schooling, the college had their annual pinning ceremony. The pinning ceremony signifies the completion of the didactic portion of your schooling. It was a pretty cool way to celebrate almost being done with pharmacy school.

After the last test was taken, the "fun" began. I had three weeks to rest, relax, attend a bachelorette party and pack up my entire house and move 230 miles east. Luckily we were able to get it all done and enjoy some fun along the way. I got my car loaded down (literately) and was able to head south to Silver City just in time for my first rotation.

Mermaid Barbie's fun wig inspired bachelorette party!
My car all packed up and I still had room to spare!

June--This started the first of nine different rotations across the nation. I was working with one of my Kappa Psi brothers down in Silver City and had an absolute blast! Now mind you I was out in the middle of no where so my internet service was not very reliable, but I was able to do a little recap on life down there. The best part about my rotation down in the boonies was the family I was surrounded by. All of my Dad's family lives around Silver City so I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.

July-- Was a B-U-S-Y month! This was my second rotation and one of the hardest so far. I was in the middle of an ICU rotation and busier than a bee. My preceptor had me reading 40-50 page treatment guidelines every night. Let's just say I was ready for this rotation to be done!

Our friend that moved in to my room when I moved out,
was kind enough to make me a traditional Mexican breakfast
that was to die for! Sooo yummy :)
Of course Laker Lover & I had to hit up BB. 
A weekend recap: new nail fashion, redbox marathon and car mascot.
Who said you can't work on your beauty while studying?
A last weekend of fun before I left town.
The beautiful sunset on my last night in town!
August--This month's rotation was down in good 'ol Truth or Consequences, NM. I was at a state funded veterans home and absolutely loved it. There were about 125 residents while I was there and I had daily conversations with almost all of them. I met some of the sweetest elderly people and enjoyed my time family down there.

I was staying with an Aunt and Uncle on my Mom's side. Their sons are both still showing cattle so our evenings were spent working show animals and cleaning up the cold room for tomorrow. It was fun getting back into the mix of showing, but I certainly do not miss the scooping poop business. :)

September-- This month's rotation was in Lubbock with several of my good friends. I stayed with Mrs. Texas and her sweet family. As if staying with them was not payment enough, my rotation was a delight. My preceptor was awesome! It also helped that while I was there I made a quick weekend trip to the NMSF, attended a Tech football game and had lots of nights full of laughter. After my rotation in Lubbock I had a month off.

Little one ready for Texas Tech's Fearless Fridays!
All ready for the game! :)
Inside the game with one of my favorites!

October-- This is the month that I took a trip of a lifetime from New Mexico to Washington. My next rotation was in Olympia, WA. So Mother and I took off on a week long trip that was nothing shy of awesome. Luckily I was actually up on my blogging then and you can read all the updates here and here and here and here and here and here and the rest I am still working on finishing.  Of course while I was there, I fell in LOVE with all the tress! I was able to see some of the trees changing colors and it made it that much harder to leave.

November--This month was split up between the Washington rotation and the next one. I had lots of visitors while I was in Washington. I am still behind on several blogs, but they will get written up at sometime. This also includes our weekend road trip from Olympia, WA to T or C, NM. It was quite the adventure and a total blast! The end of the month I ended up running my first 5K, well virtually that is. It was a blast and it got the spark in me to run a real race so be on the look out for that in 2014.

December-- December finished out the year with a bang. I was busy finishing up my sixth of nine rotations back at the veterans home in Truth or Consequences. This rotation went by a lot faster and before I knew it we were saying our good byes again and Christmas was right around the corner. I was left with one week between the two to finish up my shopping and get back to eastern NM before we took off to Kansas.
Future Famous Guy & his beautiful bride!
While Future Famous Guy was getting married, the parents and I were traveling through the winter thunderstorm that hit the US before the holidays. It took us a full day driving to make it what would usually take about 4 hours on Saturday and another full day of driving Sunday. After two days full of driving we made it safe and sound to Brother Dearest's house. Most of our time in Kansas was pretty laid back. We spent the Christmas holiday with Brother Dearest's girlfriends family. It was a wonderful holiday and the perfect way to end a tremendous year.

Alright if you made it this far, GOD bless you! Thank you for sticking it out and finishing the blog (even if you only just looked at the pictures)! I hope each and every one of y'all have a blessed new year!