25 by 25

This is a list of things I want to complete during my 24th and 25th birthday!
  1. Graduate with my PharmD and become a practicing pharmacist.  
  2. Complete a craft project once a month. 
  3. 25 Random Acts of Kindness. 
  4. Send a surprise in the mail once a month. 
  5. Travel to 2 different states.
  6. Anonymously pay off somebody's electric bill during the winter. 
  7. Volunteer my time where it is needed. 
  8. Knock off 5 bucket list items. 
  9. Try 12 new restaurants. 
  10. Make blessing bags to keep in my car. 
  11. Run a race. 
  12. Pray a voiceless prayer. 
  13. Call a loved one once a week. 
  14. Try 24 new recipes.
  15. Watch a new movie each week. 
  16. Redesign my blog. 
  17. Buy a new nail polish once a month. 
  18. Paint a piece of art (probably a skyline). 
  19. Adopt a new soldier. 
  20. Plan a trip to Europe. 
  21. Apply for the Amazing Race. 
  22. Jamie Eason Live Fit Program. 
  23. Find a financial planner. 
  24. Explore a city I have never been to. 
  25. Donate money to a St. Luke's Children's Hospital. 
I reserve the right to add, delete and amend this list however I see fit throughout the year.

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