Friday, March 29, 2013

Darn, It's Monday Again!

This meme pretty much sums up my opinion of today, for a couple reason: first, I have a therapeutics test today and secondly, I was studying all weekend for my therapeutics test. Meaning that I was not able to enjoy the good 'ol weekend like the rest of mankind. Have you noticed how I always complain about school? Sounds like homegirl needs a break! Good thing it is almost done. Luckily I don't look like the little one in the picture above (at least not yet anyways).

I hope you lovelies had a terrific weekend and an even better week!
Doesn't everybody need a little Clooney love today?

Photo Friday Flashback

My friend Amy from over at A Desert Girl does a Photo Friday Flashback, so I thought I would give it a shot!

Back in January 2011, we got a serious snow storm. I am talking "cancelled 4 days of pharmacy school" snow storm, it was awesome! Even though we had only been back in school a couple week since winter break, it was just at the perfect time! Of course what do Laker Lover, Miss Artesia, and I decide that we should do?? We decided to dress up and go take pictures in the snow. I know smart and to make things even better, I was already sick! Well luckily for me I didn't get any sicker and the pictures turned out fabulous.

Dressed up in satin dresses with our make up on, hair fixed, and converses laced up tight, we were on a mission. The neighborhood we were living in at the time had a small playground just a few houses down from ours and we decided that was our location of choice. In between all pose changes, chattering teeth, and snow fights, we got several laughs, priceless memories, and a few pictures to document the fun.

Laker Lover
Miss Artesia

What are some of your "not so wise" decisions, that turned out remarkable stories?!?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Exciting News Y'all!

First off, I am linking up with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday! Yep that's right, homegirl here is loving her exciting news so here we go . . .

So Monday night after work I remembered that I needed to check the mail. Weird, I know! Who checks their mail at 10:30pm? Well this girl and I am SO happy that I did. It absolutely made my week! Seriously, I am talking about the best news since we won the national Generation Rx award at APhA Annual in LA. By now I am sure you are thinking, "Hurry up already!" or "I am going to stop reading this blog if this girl doesn't spill the beans in the next couple sentences." Lucky for you, I am too excited not to share soon.

As y'all know I adopted a solider at the beginning of the year and up until Monday night, I had not heard from him. My friend Jen, who has adopted soldiers in the past, informed me that this was very normal. I mean hey they are out there risking their lives for our freedom, who has time to write a letter?? Well much to my surprise, my soldier was able to sit down and write me back!! Y'all have no idea how excited I was. I mean y'all have heard me talk about before how I felt like he was one of my good friends without having met him, well now I have met him via a handwritten letter.

Now I don't know if he would want me to share any of his personal information, so I won't say a lot, but I can say a few things. He has been enlisted for 19 years and is currently serving on his second deployment. He is a doctor, married and has 4 wonderful children. He has been able to share my letters and packages with the other 5 soldiers in his medical team. How cool is that? I have actually been sending letters and packages to 6 different soldiers that are all part of a medical team. I don't think that I could have had a better group of soldiers to send letters to if i picked it myself.

So now this is where y'all come in. Remember back in February when I told y'all I was going to send him a box of letters?? Well that time has come. I am going to try to put together a box of letters from my friends and family to send to my soldier and his medical team. If you are interested in helping a sista out and want to send a letter (or anything) to them, please email me: From there I will send you my information about getting your letters to me. I am planning on trying to put together the package the weekend of April 6-7th. If you don't think you can get your letter to me by then, just email me and we can figure something out! THANK YOU in advance! If you don't think you can get a letter to me, just do me a favor and keep these men and women of our military in your prayers! That would be more than wonderful.

I hope yall's Wednesday is going just as terrific as mine!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuesday Fun

As y'all all know, last week another year bit the dust! Of course my friends were kind enough to celebrate this joyous occasion with me. How else better to celebrate this occasion than a steak and a night full of dancing. I was blessed to have so many wonderful friends come out and celebrate it with me. Here are a few snap shots of our night of fun :)

My Little B
My Little B and Miss Artesia
Laker Lover and her Dad
As Miss Football calls it, "Our People"

Oh and just a little teaser, I have some EXCITING news I am dropping on you guys tomorrow, so get ready!

Happy Tuesday lovelies!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Soul Food Friday

Today we are doing a new link up with my friend, Jennifer over at Almost Gypsy Soul. She started up this link up for every 4th Friday of the month, so y'all start linking up! This is meant to be about "Anything that motivates you, speaks to you or generally gets you excited about life, you can share it on Soul Food Friday."

What feeds my soul?!? Man this is an easy one considering I just spent the past week with some of my favorite people in the country. While I was on my little road trip I also got to see beautiful sunsets and even prettier countryside! I seriously think I am starting to fall in love with Kansas. It is beautiful up there, or at least the countryside we drive through is! As with most things, pictures say a thousand words and we all know I am not expert writer, so here we go.




--Stole the pictures from Google! Two of my favorite cities though, NYC and Seattle!

--A few of my favorites from my LA trip!

Country Life.

What feeds your soul?

Thursday, March 21, 2013

I am behind...

Yes yes I know, world's worst soldier's angel right here! I was supposed to get this package off at the beginning of my spring break and I mailed it yesterday! (Insert disappointed face and finger shaking!!) As you can tell this package was March themed! St. Patty's Day decorations, carmel apple candy, flavored tootsie rolls, ranch sunflower seeds (one of my favs), crackers, more candy (Do you see a pattern here?), and some toiletry items.

I actually got really lucky that my G-Ma is so on top of things, because she saved my butt this week! I only had about half of those items already bought for the month and she had contributed the rest. Thanks G-Ma, you're my saving grace!!

All the goodies laid out!
&& them all packaged up with some decorations on top,
which will probably be the bottom by the time he gets it. Lol

Hope y'all are more on top of things this week than me!
Hope it's not my old age sinking in already?? :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What Happens When You Lose

So I lost a bet as you heard on Monday, and my punishment was this blog. Yes I said punishment! As y'all know my friend, Miss Football, is a HUGE Oklahoma State fan from a small town like mine, Logan, NM! On Saturday her hometown played mine for the 1A Girls State Basketball Championship. Unfortunately as the last buzzer went off the Logan Lady Longhorns were victorious. So today I am going to tell you all about two of Miss Football's favorite things, small towns and Stillwater.

As I started thinking about how I was going to write this blog, I was clueless! First, I don't know crap about Logan (we were sworn enemies growing up on the court), and second, I AM AN OKLAHOMA SOONER FAN, not an Oklahoma State Cowboy. So it was obvious that I needed to bring in back up! Who better to tell me about her small town and Stillwater than Miss Football herself.

Small Towns
Miss Football has talked about her small town on numerous occasions and I can't help but agree with her. Much like my small town, her small town is filled with some of the best people you could find. People that shut down stores and drive 3 hours to pack the pit for basketball game, or sign up to bring casserole dishes when a loved one leaves us behind. People that would drop everything they are doing to help you gather cattle, or listen to you practice your speech before the state contest. This my friends is what small towns are all about. If you are from one, you know what I am talking about, if you aren't, you have no idea what you are missing out on.

Now this is where Miss Football went to college and I think it is safe to say that she fell in love with that town. This is a town where she met her best girlfriends, her favorite guys, and many memories that are irreplaceable. Now after reading all her stories over the past few years, I guess I can kind of see why she considers Stillwater "the happiest place in the world"! Now y'all don't go get crazy, I still do not like that awful orange color, but I can see how some people would. Its not just a symbol of OSU Cowboys and time to get your guns up, but a place to develop friendships that last a life time and the memories that keep you up years later as you laugh and reminisce.

So as a closing statement that I am being forced to say against my will, 
Logan and Stillwater are the best!

Have a great day lovelies!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Another One Bites The Dust

As many of you know, today is my birthday. Yep, that's right I am turning the big 2-3! Now I am not one of those people that really freaks out about age (well at least not yet), but I do have a little unease about today. I am turning 23 and as I reflect back on 22, nothing significant that I did is sticking out in my head. What did I do this past year? Who did I make an impact on? How did I change someone else's life for the better?

Since Lovely Country Mess was with me this weekend, she got to hear the slight freaking out that I did. Thank goodness for good friends in our moments of weakness, right?!? She was sweet enough to point out to me that I may not feel like I have accomplished anything this past year, but I have. I have traveled the world and the United States promoting the profession I love. I have witnessed true love and shared many laughs with the best people in the world. I have seen wonders of the world and international events. I have dressed up in disguise and supported and prayed for a complete stranger.

I have had one of my best years of my life so far and simply over looked it, why? It is so easy for us to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our everyday life and simply overlook the finer things. Now I certainly can't go back a year and take notice to all the wonderful opportunities I was able to experience, but I can change my future. I can take a better notice to all blessings I experience in this upcoming year. I can take the time out of each day to truly appreciate life's smaller things. I can make a difference, and I will! I challenge each of you to take the same initiative in the upcoming year!

God bless you all and here's to another great year!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Break Recap

Spring Break 2013, man it was one for the books! Well I am not kidding about that, I don't think I have drove over 1800 miles during a spring break yet. It was 1800 miles of sheer goodness!

I started off by leaving town Friday at 1 pm to drive 11 hours to see my brother in Kansas! Lucky for me, my parents were still there on their spring break too so I got to see them as well! It was great! We started off Saturday at a Manhattan tradition, Fake Patty's Day. Have y'all heard about it? Well it is a day filled with "adult" festivities that about 25,000 people travel into town for! :) We started off bright and early and had a long fun filled day with lots of Brother of Mine's friends. Lets just say after the day, I was ready to go home and put on my pj's! The rest of the weekend was great. A lot of relaxing, laughing, catching up, and pure bliss. Seriously, one weekend with my family can cure all problems!

Tuesday morning the parents and I got up and drove back to our home area. We split off at Amarillo, they went home and I headed south to Lubbock to see three of my favorites, Mrs. Texas, Future Famous Guy, and High School BFF. I was lucky enough to actually get to see all of them so mission accomplished! Then perhaps the best part of the trip (don't tell the other three) I got to babysit my favorite little one, Miss Kaydence Lynn! She is just as adorable as y'all remember!

After Lubbock, I spent less than 24 hours at home! It was absolutely wonderful! The dirt roads, open space, starry nights and pure silence was great! Exactly the quiet get away I needed to finish off the hectic break! I drove back to the city on Friday (boo)! Since Laker Love was pretty much having withdrawals from one of her favorites, I decided to send her a little pick me up via texting.

On my way back home I was able to straighten out some details with Lovely Country Mess, and guess what!?!? She was already planing on coming to town to watch the Melrose Lady Buffaloes in the state championship, but then I convinced her to come up early and stay with me! Whoop whoop :)

Saturday was a fun filled day of basketball, basketball, and more basketball! Oh and did I mention that Miss Football and I made a bet on the championship game since it was her high school v. mine! Well unfortunately for me I ended up losing, and you will hear all about it on Wednesday, so stay tuned! After we watched the Lady Buffaloes, we went back to my casa to watch the Lobo game. All I can say about that is .... EVERYONE'S A LOBO! WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! After the game was over we were back on route to the pit to watch the 5A boys state game. Unfortunately after all the games were over, Lovely Country Mess and her bf had to go home, as did I.

Lovely Country Mess and I.
Oh and the sweet b-day card she got me!

Sunday was not near as fun! I had to catch up on the un-fun things that I didn't do the past week. You know homework, studying, and laundry. Blah blah blah!

Here's to a great week my friends!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Happy Monday Y'all

I am still soaking up the rays in California, but I found a video for all you country kids out there to reminisce on the good 'ol days of showing. Oh and city folk, this is a little insight into our great world of showing that you are missing out on.

Happy Monday y'all!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Behind the Scenes: Mrs. Texas

This lady was brought into the picture back in my good 'ol high school days. She was actually my coach for volleyball and basketball, no guys she isn't that old, just was a young (hot) coach at the time! :) I had no idea at that time what a great friend she would become. Back then we used to get a long, but I certainly loved to push back on her when she started yelling at me (on and off the court). I specifically remember my senior year one night after a film session, we sat in the parking lot at school and talked and talked and talked. She proceeded to tell me that she knew something was going on with me and was not leaving until I told her. Well 2 hours and many tears later we got to the bottom of it and even though I didn't dare tell her she was right, I knew our relationship went much beyond sports. Several years since then she has become one of my best friends and I couldn't imagine coming this far without her!

WELCOME to the blog one of my favorites... Mrs. Texas!

You were kind of a bad--- in high school sports, what was your favorite memory from those good 'ol days? (P.S. Don't get a big head that I finally admitted this.)
Well I'm so glad that you are finally admitting what I knew was true all along!!! Plus that means you have to admit I did know what I was talking about when I coached you!!! [Ok don't get cocky lady!]

My best memories of high school sports was my whole senior year of basketball season. I learned alot and all the hardwork that I had put in looking back made the whole season so fun. Mainly districts, regionals and state (even though we lost)!!!

What was your favorite memory from back in the your coaching days?
My favorite memory of coaching was probably my last year as stressed as you guys made me I think we laughed more and you guys cheered me up so much on bad days. There were many many laughs in all the frustration. [Since she didn't share this memory, I have to. Probably one of my favorite memories of her was one of our first days of practice together. She had just been introduced to us and the next day at practice, we were doing some friendly running drills, you know everybody's favorites. Like most high school athletes we were cutting corners, so she went and stood on one of them to made us run around her. We had been running and started grazing against her as we past. Every time she kept backing up and telling us to "stay out of her bubble". Of course that was just a dare to me! So the next time I ran around her I completely brushed up against her back and got glared down the rest of the lap. As my next lap approached and I ran past her I reached up a pinched her butt. As you can imagine she flipped. Everybody else thought it was funny, except her! I would like to call that our first "bonding" moment! Thank goodness she is over her "bubble" phase.]

Plus I got one of my best friends out of the deal. [Ya we did! Can you say SCORE!?!]

You are a new mommy to the cutest baby in the world, not that I am partial or anything. What's been the best and hardest part about it so far?
She is an angel!!! She is my greatest accomplishment so far in life! The best part is having something so wonderful need and want you. The hardest part is the responsibility of it all, as wonderful as she is she comes with alot of laundry, dirty diapers and all the other responsibilities lol. Not to mention the nights she won't sleep unless you are holding her and you only get 2 hours of sleep, either way I would still say the little one is still the light of my world! [As she should be, perfect! Thank goodness she takes after her Auntie :)]

You and I are both the babies of the family (and favorites), what was the best part about being the youngest and only daughter growing up?
Hahaha!!! The best part of being the only girl was I didn't have to share my toys with anyone haha, and my dad and I were extremely close when I saw him. [Lucky for you, I had to share my barbies with my brother. You know so we could pull their heads off and and run over them with tonka trucks!] Plus my brothers always took care of me. [That was a great part, even the threatening talks that started something along the lines of "If you ever talk to my sister..."]

This May you will have been married for 4 years, what has been the best part?
The best part of being married has been how much closer to each other we have gotten over the last year while I was pregnant. I'm extremely lucky to have such a great husband that takes care of me. [This is true! From an outsider's perspective I must say I was slightly jealous of them. Watching them within the first few hours with their new daughter just absolutely melted my heart and made me want to jump on the wedding bandwagon. Oh wait I still need to find a guy for that. Haha Y'all keep your eyes open.]

You grew up just a few miles down the road from my hometown and now live in Texas. How is the Lonestar state? Do you think it has room for one more of your favorite people (me of course)?
Texas is ALOT different from how we grew up, so much faster paced, and not everyone knows everyone like where we come from. I enjoy it most days, but when I think about Kaydence going to school I do wish we were back home.

Of course their is room for one more! We might take the town by storm. [Oh honey, I can almost guarantee that at one point in our life we will be living in the same town together in Texas! Start preparing yourself now!]

What are some of your bucket list items?
1. I want to go to Alaska on a cruise.
2. I want to go on either a Disney cruise or a trip to Disney World with our family.
3. Go to Hawaii.

Thanks for stopping by to meet one of my absolute favorites!