Thursday, March 8, 2012

March Madness

Get busy living, or get busy dying.
--Stephen King

We are only 8 days into March and I already feel like it should be the end of the month. My days sure having been flying by lately, but I guess that's one benefit about keeping busy. I am sure these next 23 days will not be any slower and I couldn't be more happier! :) 

My next few weeks will consist of spring break, some much deserved family time, presentations to Junior High and High School students on drug abuse, my 22nd birthday, a regional Kappa Psi province meeting (that my chapter is hosting), and a Miami Heat basketball game! Oh did I mention that is just up until the 25th?!? Well you can expect a blog or two to recap on all these exciting events!

In anticipation of going to Kansas to visit my brother I figured I would share some of our pictures we took during Christmas! Enjoy

10 points to anybody who can point out the 'black sheep' in the family!
--No pun intended :)
Best parents in the world!
Brother Dearest & his Darling Wife
My favorite person in the entire world :)
She is squatting and I am on my tip tip toes!
... A three man wolf pack if you please ...
... then we went full retard, or at least I did. Lol

I hope y'all are all having a beautiful week and have an even BETTER weekend!

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  1. These pictures make my day. Hilarious.