Friday, March 30, 2012

Now Go Be Awesome

Last night I had the privilege of listening to who I believe to be one of the most entertaining, best motivational speakers of our time, Paul Moya. Who is Paul Moya you might ask?!? Well let me tell you!

As described from his website,
"Paul is  a former National President of an organization with over 500,000 people, has been educated at one of the most prestigious business schools in the nation, and has received rave reviews while delivering speeches all over the world."
To sum it all up...he is awesome! I have had the lucky privilege to have known Paul for several years now and he is just as great, if not better, of a person in every day life as he is as a speaker.

During his presentation, Paul had his audience interacting the entire time laughing, joking and even crying at parts. Now I don't want to ruin the surprise for you if you ever get the chance to hear Paul speak (DO IT) but I will say his take home message is Now Go Be Awesome!

Lets think about that for a bit... Now Go Be Awesome. That simple phrase can be interpreted so many different ways and applied to virtually anything. Whether you are talking about that job promotion you have been wanting, leadership role in your favorite organization, or even getting up every morning to work out before work. Whatever it is you are doing, wherever you are at, and whoever you are with do NOT let anything hold you back! You are the sole person responsible for your happiness and success.... NOW GO BE AWESOME!

Paul does a terrific job inspiring anybody to do their best! I have only have the chance to hear him speak once, but I am sure he would do a great job with any age group talking on any subject! So if you haven't heard about Paul look him up! As I mentioned above you can contact him several ways:                         Facebook                        Twitter 

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