Monday, July 2, 2012

Friday's Letters


Today we are hooking up with Ashley for her Friday's Letters series.

Dear Egypt Although I am getting SUPER excited and counting down the days (25 days to be exact), I am running around like a crazy person getting ready for you. So with that being said, you better be even more awesome that I am expecting. Also in preparation for you I watched Sex in the City 2. Yes I know it is not exactly the same, but it is the Middle East so I still count that as a win.

Dear Pool I know we had a lovely relationship this past week and I sure have missed you this week. We will meet again in the near future and I promise we can continue working on my lovely tan. Until then my love.

Dear Mrs. Texas I am so glad I got to see you this weekend! Gosh I have missed you. There are so many wonderful thing happening in your life and I can't wait to be apart of them. Love you doll!

Dear High School BFF I had an absolute BLAST spending the 4th with you! It has been entirely too long since I have seen you and next time we need to make sure its not near this long. I am so glad that no matter how long it has been we always pick right up from where we left off. I am so happy to hear you are doing great and I look forward seeing you soon.

Dear 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy First off, I am loving your books. I wish I had time to read all day, but then again I would read you wayyyy too fast and be done. So thank goodness my life is hectic enough for now that I still have some of the final book left.
Dear Laker Lover I know you are probably having withdraws from me, but we will soon be together again. I am getting really excited for the float trip! It will be an epic vacation! Get ready sweetheart, get ready! It's going to be like the old days. You know what that means.

Dear Silver Nail Polish I am very glad I bought you last week. I am just loving you and get a silly smile on my face when I look down and see you on my toes. Keep being awesome my friend.

Dear Sewing Machine I know we have had a love hate relationship in the past, but I have a serious amount of sewing to do in a short amount of time, so please please please with a cherry on top, lets get a long. Thanks for your cooperation doll!

Dear Weekend THANK YOU for finally making your appearance. I sure have been looking forward to you for the past 5 days!


  1. I am so jealous. I would love to go to Egypt. Hot wonderful. Newest follower!

  2. Egypt?! Wow lucky!! LOL funny I just purchased the 1st book last night.. Im hearing mixed reviews on them.. but never the less super excited to begin the journey and join the cool folks!!

  3. HOORAY for the weekend! And Egypt?! Score! That's awesome!

  4. Wow Egypt sounds so cool. Have fun!!

    hi from Friday's Letter!