Saturday, July 21, 2012

Quick Update

Ok guys well I will start by apologizing for being MIA this past week things have been absolutely crazyyyyyyy! Laker Lover's mom and sister from Oklahoma got here on Thursday and it has been sheer craziness. Luckily for me I did not respond to my wake up call (aka Laker Lover) this morning and had to skip the zoo trip.

So I was able to warn y'all on what the the next few weeks entail. Tuesday Laker Lover and I will be making a trip down south to Artesia for her cousins baby shower and to meet up with her family. Thursday we will leave for New Braunfels, Texas to float the river with some good friends & family && Tuesday Miss Artesia and I will be leaving for EGYPT!!

Yep, you heard me the time is almost here! In exactly 10 days I will be boarding a plane bound for the land of the pyramids! I could not be more excited. Well I take that back, I would be even more excited if I had all my things completely packed and ready to go! Man all this packing is wearing on a girl. So with that said, anybody who would like to volunteer to come pack for me, feel free too!

I will do my best to keep y'all updated along the way, but no guarantees. From now until I return on August 20, it will be without a doubt the best part of my summer, if not the best summer yet! I hope y'all are having a terrific summer!

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  1. SOOO jealous about you getting to float the river (maybe even moreso than about Egypt...can we say redneck??) Have a blast doing both!