Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tip Me Tuesday

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Ok y'all today we are linking up with Tip Junkie at Tip Me Tuesday!

I will say now that I did NOT develop this method but it is several methods combined that I found easiest, so here we go!

Have y'all ever wondered how to create ringtones out of your music already downloaded in iTunes? Well today is your lucky day because I am fixin' to tell you my favorite method for my iPhone!

1. Listen to the song and decide what clip of it you want as your ringtone. I suggest not using anything longer than 40 seconds for an optimal result!

2.  Right click on your selected song and click on "Get Info".

3. Click on the "Options" menu.

4. Add a "Start" and "Stop" time for the ringtone, then click "Ok".

5. Right click on the song and "Create an AAC Version". A new song with a shorter length should appear.

6. Drag the shorter version to your desktop and delete the SHORT copy still in your iTunes.

7. Change the name of your desktop ringtone to _____.m4r (instead of m4a) and drag it back into iTunes. The file should have moved directly to your Ringtones section of your iTunes.

8. Right click on the ORIGINAL song, go to the "Get Info" menu, "Options" tab, and unlick the start and stop times. This is will revert your song back to the full length. Click "Ok".

9. After you have converted all the songs you want, sync your phone to your iTunes. Make sure you have the ringtones selected you want to sync.

10. Select your new ringtone that you want to use and you are all set!

I hope this helps y'all out! Have a great Tuesday!

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