Monday, January 14, 2013

My Final Winter Break

As I wrapped up what was my very last winter break, I couldn't help but reminisce and reflect on how truly blessed this chapter of my life has been. I can't help but look forward to everything God has to offer me in my next chapter.

With this being my last winter break, I must admit it sure was a great one, if not the best one yet! I was able to travel nearly 2000 miles across the state of New Mexico and west Texas! During those trips, I was able to see all my family and most of my good friends too!

After traveling back home, my mind couldn't help but be bombarded with tons of memories from my younger years. You have heard me talk about growing up in a small town before, but man it really was great! I mean yes I know you have more than the normal amount of drama and gossip, but don't all towns have that?

My small town was filled with people that drove pick-up trucks with trailers. People that would drop everything they were doing to help you out and people that always wanted the best for you. Over break I ran into one of my favorite elementary school teachers and it absolutely made my day. She is just one of the great people that I have had the privledge of meeting. My small town also introduced me to my High School BFF and the Future Famous Guy which I was able to see both of them during my break in Lubbock. I can't help but be happy thinking about all the good times in my life from that small town.

I don't mean to brag, but my life really is the best. But when it is filled with best friends that are able to talk you into dying your hair purple...again, and a Dad that tells you that one of the main characters on a tv serious would make nice grand kids, followed by a wink here from him and a big smile, how can you not brag.

All of this is just part of the reason why I smile every time I see a pick up truck and trailer, why my heart fills with joy when I drive through my small town, and why I can not be grateful enough for the beautiful life God has blessed me with and all the amazing people in it. When I think about the break and all the happy memories I had, I can't help but look forward to the next, new and exciting chapter ahead of me.

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  1. Love this. Love small towns. You're awesome.