Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weekend Recap

The first week of classes is officially over thank goodness! Man it sure seemed to drag by minute by minute, hour by hour, but oh well that is over and past and I had one stellar weekend. It sure was a pleasant surprise to have a three weekend to top it all off!

Friday's are the absolute worst for classes. On a normal day we go from 9-11, 1-5 of classes, but we got lucky and only had to go 1-5 this first Friday. Even with the shortened day my brain was NOT focusing. I felt like a 9 year old with ADD all hyped up on sugar. So in my "spare" time during class I started with my Type A personality and made lists of everything I needed to get done this long weekend. To start everything off was a grocery list. Laker Lover and I do one big shopping trip at the beginning of the semester to start us of and seeing that this will probably be our last together we went out with a bang. We ended up looking like two soccer moms getting ready for a little league tournament or something. We had two baskets full of groceries and loaded up the back of her car, seriously, check it out!

Yes that is the back of a range rover FILLED to the top with groceries!
After we motivated ourselves to unload the back of the car and put away all our groceries, we wound down the day with a little Pitch Perfect movie time. Man oh man if y'all haven't seen that movie, go rent it, redbox it, buy it, whatever, just go see it!

Oh and just fair warning y'all, Rebel Wilson plays Fat Amy is absolutely HILARIOUS!! Seriously just watch it, but in case you don't have time this week here is a quote to get you through the week.

Saturday started off super early and I went to drop by car off to get new tires on. Whoop Whoop! I am getting ready travel across state for all my rotations! So stoked :) Well after I dropped off my car I did a few things on the computer and took me a little nap. It was we deserved of course! After I went and picked up my car, I hit up one of my favorite stores, Hobby Lobby! Man folks I could spend lots of time and money in that store. I ended up getting some paper and stickers to work on a few cards for my friends and the soldier. Here are a few of my products!

Laker Lover cooked us a delicious dinner and we worked on some homework. We ended the night with the Little Rascals. Another one of my favorite movies!

I had quite a lovely Sunday on this long weekend. I met up with Bob for lunch at Olive Garden and some much needed catching up. It is always great to spend time with old friends. It is amazing how much one conversation can make your entire day. After lunch I swung by Bahama Bucks and picked up an afternoon treat for Laker Lover and I. We spent the afternoon at home catching up on a few things then met up with Fratty Frat. Laker Lover, Fratty Frat, and I went and got dinner and a movie. Have you guys seen Gangster Squad? Well go out watch it if you get the chance. It is a good one for sure. Oh and G-Ma if you are reading this, I think you will like this one!

The last day of my break was spent at home. You know the usual home errands, laundry, cleaning, the list goes on and on. I also had some school work I needed to get done as well. In between putting up laundry and cleaning up my crafts from my card making this weekend, I was able to watch one of my favorite childhood classics, Mary Poppins. Come on y'all you know the drill ... "A spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down, medicine go down, medicine go down." Such a wonderful classic! As with all good things, they must come to an end, and the day was finished up with a shift over at the good 'ol Walgreens.

I hope everybody's weekend was just as lovely as mine!


  1. Lesbhonest....Pitch Perfect is a halarious movie! I also watched it this weekend for the second time. And by the way you are killing me in the soldier angel category! You are so creative, great job!!!!

  2. Gangster Squad is freakin great! I loved it! Not as good as Pitch Perfect but still good.