Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What makes you happy?

What makes you happy, I mean truly happy? Do you find joy in life's smaller things? Are you able to find happiness in something that most have overlooked? With today's fast tracked society I think that many of life's more beautiful things are easily overlooked with the hectic mess of our lives.

Think back to the simpler times when 9 year olds didn't have cell phones and siblings only complained about who had to go milk the cow that morning. Now don't get me wrong I do love many of the conveniences we have today, but what small bits of happiness are placed throughout our day that we so easily overlook. Where is the hidden beauty in your day? Have you found it yet?

I am just as guilty as the next person in getting caught up in everything that is going on in my life that I forget to find happiness in the small things too. I know sometimes I feel so over whelmed with classes, work, organizations, studying and everything else going on that's I forget to open my eyes and see the beauty. Somedays when I am on my way home from class or walking in the grocery store I catch myself smiling about the smallest thing. Whether it is the beautiful sunset that is painted across the sky or the sweet elderly man that is still holding the door for his wife. How did we get so caught up with living life that we are actually missing out on truly living life?

So whenever I take the time to find the happiness in life this is the many forms it comes in:

Sunsets -- Ice Cream -- City Skylines -- Football -- Movies -- Daily Devotionals

When my fingernails and toenails match -- Taking pictures -- Purple Hair

Ignore the face, I was demonstrating something for
a friend, but this was the only purple picture I had. HAHA
Making greeting cards -- Sending friends pictures to make them smile like these

Music and singing along (preferable as a gangster rapper) -- Traveling

Kissing the Sphinx in Egypt!
Overcast days -- Starry nights -- Long talks with old friends

Lovely Country Mess

What makes you happy?


  1. Oh goodness gracious... That was forever ago it seems like! Love you!

  2. LOVE this, Lauren! You're so right....easy to over look all the good!