Friday, February 22, 2013

Behind the Scenes: Future Famous Guy

Now this guy and I have been friends for about 11 years! The story of how we actually met is too good not to share, so here we go. . .  Back in junior high, y'all remember your first relationship right? Well mine was Future Famous Guy's best friend, and back in the day everybody didn't have cell phones like they do now. Luckily for me Future Famous Guy had one and I was able to talk to my exboyfriend, Cass, through him. The only catch to the story was that they didn't tell me it was not Cass's phone. So whenever Cass was not with him, Future Famous Guy would be talking to me as if he was Cass. (To this day he still claims that is the reason I fell so hard for Cass.) They both kept up this charade for several weeks before they ended up telling me, and by telling me I meant that Cass was texting me the same time as Future Famous Guy. As you can imagine I was slightly confused, but after we got it all settled, the rest has become history.
Little did I know that I had just met one of my best friends and favorite guys! So here we go, say hello to Future Famous Guy. Oh I almost forgot I need to set the scene for you .... While Future Famous Guy was answering these questions there were cameras, microphones, a make up crew, people shouting in the backgroud through the window and sheer maddness going on. Of course he held his composure, but it was touch and go there for a while...

You have a younger sister and just like my brother and I, y'all probably got into a lot of trouble, what is your favorite memory with her?
Well, to be honest my sister and I don't love each other; she is better than me at everything so it just doesn't work. Ok so I'm kidding, we love each other but only because we have to.. I was the brother that always wanted to hold her when she was a baby and feed her and give her toys and all that. Then she grew up and ruined it! I don't think this is my favorite memory but it is definitely one of the most prominent. So once upon a time, we were watching TV. My mom had company over and my dad was out of town. So we were left in the living room alone. Like most kids do when they are watching TV we started getting restless. Then I got an idea. (which is never good)[True story!] I told her I would lay on my back, she would sit on my feet, and I would launch her in the air. We put couch pillows on the ground for her to land on. First time I didn't throw her high and she lands on the pillows safely. Next time I launched her! (I was too young at the time to understand I was a super hero and had super strength, so its really not my fault)[Haha obviously not your fault!] What happened next happens in slow motion in my mind; she is launched and her body is wiggling everywhere trying to keep her balance in the air. Her fingers are a few inches away from the 12' roof, her blonde hair is moving in every direction, and then she starts to come down. She lands on the pillows but also on her arm. It broke. To this day when we get in an argument she hold up her little bowed arm and says, “You did this to me” and walks away. [Despite his cruel and unusual punishment to his darling sister she is not really deformed. She is actually one of the sweetest ladies I know. She is such a beautiful person inside and out! A beautiful and talented sister, not to mention an angel for having to put up with this guy her entire life. They are definitely two of my favorite people!]

Future Famous Guy and his sister!
You graduated from NMSU with your mechanical engineering degree, what was your favorite memory from college?
Any memory of college is rarely a memory about class or even related to your degree [Isn't that the truth!] so I'll give you a little party story. I was at some of my engineering buddies apartments and we had been drinking a little. Another friend wanted me to go to his apartment which was just on the other side of the apartment campus. On the long walk over I had to break the seal; and wouldn't you know there was a dark corner and bush with my name on it. I finish then zip up and start running over to his place because it was cold out. No sooner than five seconds after I get in, comes a knock on the door. My friend steps outside which always meant it was security. (The security guards paid regular visits to this place.) My buddy comes in and tells me I need to change my shirt now; security was chasing a guy in a blue stripe shirt that had taken a leak in a bush and wanted to hold him till the police came.[Just his luck!] Luckily some guy at the party had an extra shirt (it was a real nice shirt) and he let me wear it. The party started to end so I went back to the other apartment to get my stuff. On the way over there the security guards walked by. As a changed man and the confidence that comes from a really nice shirt I say, “How are y'all”. They reply “It's been busy”. I smile and kept on walking.

You recently moved to Lubbock for a job, what has been the best part so far?
The best part would have to be all these Texan women. I have 0 game but 20/20 vision. [Sadly he is not kidding about this part! ;) ]

You go on a lot of adventures, what has been your favorite?
Cass and I went on a spring break trip that was one of the funnest things I have done. We were both broke college kids so we didn't have many options on what we could do. Looking back I'm glad we were broke. We liked traveling old school, which meant we used a paper map, never used our phones, and we got some Sherlock Holmes’ tobacco pipes. We were somewhat civilized in the fact we brought our own toilet paper. Towards the end of the drive we were extremely tired and we knew our where abouts, just not our exact location because it was pitch black out. We ended up pulling into a BLM pasture and camping in the middle of it. It ended up being a field of red dirt that stained everything it touched. I woke up and I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital my throat was so swollen. Cass was griping that I had snored too loud and we weren't even in the same tent. (liar) After packing our tents, getting around, and drinking some extremely high pulp orange juice I felt good as new, after the burning stopped. We went to a lot of amazing places. Zion [Zion is a national park in Utah.] was the first. While we were there it started snowing hard, which made it that much better.   Everyone needs to go to Zion at some point. [Bucket List addition?!?] Its a canyon with rivers, waterfalls, and walls up to 1500 feet. We left there and went to a place called Goblin Valley. This place looks like it got copied from Mars [Have you also been to Mars?] and pasted to Earth. This place was a fun place to hike and we spent all day climbing around there. Some rocks were rough and dangerous but we made it out alive. [Thank goodness! My life would alot less entertaining if you hadn't.] We camped out at a random place off of a dirt road that night. I woke up and my sleeping bag had a thin layer of ice over it from the dew freezing in my tent. We went on a little hike because we heard there was cave paintings on some of the walls where we were. Don't remember what the drawing was but it was cool to see. We then went to Moab [Also in Utah.], which is one of the best extreme sports cities I've seen; even though we didn't get a chance to do them. We ate at a brewery then kept going and camped at a site after a little hike. The next day was the main attraction of the trip, Canyonlands. This is the place where the guy from the true movie 127 hours cut his own arm off, we were excited! We hiked about 18 miles that day and saw some really amazing sites. My favorite was these slender canyons that were about 40 to 50 foot tall. We had to leave our bags so we could get through a portion of some and ended up getting a little lost because it was like a maze. We headed back to the jeep after that. We had planned on staying again in our tents but we were tired, dirty, and hungry so we decided to go to Flagstaff to end our trip in a motel. [I remember him telling me about this vacation after they got back and was raving about how much fun he had! Sounds like a fun hiking trip for all you adventurers out there.]

Your parents have a house by the lake in FS, how much fun/trouble did y'all get into there?
Everything is allowed at the lake so there is no such thing as trouble there. We wakeboard, tube, swim, airchair, and do anything else you can think of. Aircharing is slowly become the most fun because I am still learning it, so it has new thrills. During the winter I started kayaking. Its a good workout and an easy way to fish. The lake is a nice relaxing place to go when everything else isn't nice and relaxing. [Whenever he is home, he is pretty much nonexistent. I am finally able to keep my phone charged without him running down my battery with his constant texts. Lol jk! Seems like he is always out getting into some kind of new fun out there. Perhaps you should start writing these stories down!]

Pshhh... You call that air?

You always seem to have some kind of crazy story to tell me/cheer me up, so tell me one.
After long nights of studying and staying up late it was time to relax. Before bed I had a couple beers then went to sleep. So after this I'm not sure exactly how it happened but ill try and fill in blanks the best I can. First let me give some context, in our backyard we have a yard, then a wall, then it drops down 9 feet to our neighbors. This neighbor is old and probably on medicine because she always went outside butt naked. [From what I remember that was his favorite reason for living there! ;)] Anyways, I went to sleep then the next thing I know I wake up with someone yelling they are gonna call the cops. I think I fell over in her yard while sleep walking and tried to get into her house thinking it was mine. She started yelling, “I'm calling the cops!” over and over and I woke up. I had no idea where I was and I was freaking out. With a rush of adrenaline I climb this huge wall and land in a bush, I realize I'm in my own yard and run inside. I did all this in my boxers. The lady never said anything to me [It was probably the highlight of him living there as well.] or anyone because like I said, I think she was on pills.

What are some of your bucket list items?
1.     Jump out of a plane
2.     Run marathon
3.     Hike one of the three longest trails in America
4.     Go to Australia, Patagonia, Iceland or somewhere cool like that
5.     Open own business
6.     Marry a model
7.     Divorce model
8.     Marry a super model
I could probably write 10,000 things I want to do before I die. These are just the first that popped into my head.
Disclaimer: These answers may or may not be true.

Now you have a tidbit of insight into my daily entertainment! Hope he brightened your day like he brightens mine!

Have a great weekend friends!


  1. Zion is on my Dirty 30 list too!

  2. This is hilarious. The line about having 0 game but 20/20 vision is awesome.