Friday, February 8, 2013

Behind the Scenes: Miss Football

I am deciding to start a new series up here so y'all can get to know the beautiful people I have the luxury of calling my family and friends. I must admit I stole this idea from Miss Football, but I'm sure that she won't mind! :) So without further adieu, here is the first edition of Behind the Scenes...

Since Miss Football was nice enough to inspire me to start this series, I thought it was only fitting to have her be my first interview. A little background on Miss Football: We both grew up in small town Eastern New Mexico. We both grew up raising/showing animals and that's actually how we met. Her brother and my brother grew up terrorizing each other [and the rest of us too] at jackpots and fairs across the state. Lucky for me after our showing days had long past and I moved to the city for pharmacy school, Miss Football was actually living here and working as a lawyer. Ya I know, pretty cool huh?!? Y'all are just going to fall in love with her and the great adventures, memories, and advice she has to share!

What's your favorite memory with you and Little Brother?
I guess I'd have to say us hanging out with our grandma when we were little kids.  She had this old, beat up Datsun pick up and she let us drive her around to check cows and check windmills and visit the neighbors.  The three of us must have spend hundreds of hours in that old pick up just driving around the ranch.

What's your favorite showing memory? 
Man...this is a hard one.  Probably either winning the county fair the third year in a row with a cross after everyone was sure that they finally beat me since I didn't win the blacks and were seriously talking trash as we were walking in the ring, [Y'all thought showing wasn't a serious sport, but seriously what jerks!] or when I won a class at the State Fair with a lamb that we raised.  Winning that class had been a dream of mine since I was a little kid and it happened at my very last State Fair, so that was pretty cool.  All the actual show stuff aside, the best part was just being around the whole show scene. [Preach on sista!]  It sounds cheesy, but it really does sort of turn into a family when you spend that much time together for that many years sitting around show boxes.  I think that--just everyone sitting around talking or playing cards or whatever--might really have been the best part. [I have so many great memories showing, but I think she summarized it best by saying we all turn into one big family! Some of my happiest memories of my life are from the show scene.]

How did you decide to you wanted to become a lawyer? 
General lack of other direction?  :)  No, really I don't know how it happened.  I sort of feel like one day I thought, "I wonder what that would be like" and fast-forward about 5 years later and I was graduating law school.  In general I think that the idea of being able to help people was a big part of the draw. [I feel the same way, no wonder why we get along so well!]

What was the best part about your time at Stillwater and OSU? 
How much time do we have?  I say it all the time and I mean it, Stillwater is just the happiest place on earth. I could not have had a better college experience.  It's like the perfect college town--small, safe, fun, everything revolves around OSU, everyone wears was great.  And on top of that I just had the best group of friends that I could have asked for.  I met most of my best girl friends at OSU, and I had this group of boys who were just the most fun people on the planet. [Seriously, hook a home girl up!]  Obviously if you know me you know I loved the college football games.  I also have so many great memories at the Copper Penny (and I'm quite sure that the current students have me and my friends to thank for the nice new patio that has been question we paid for that thing!)  Calf Fry and subsequent breakfasts at Ihop were always so much fun and complete insanity.  But if I had to pick one favorite thing I'd probably say hanging out at the boys' house.  Whether it was movie nights or making dinner or having a house party with over 200 people in attendance, we always had the best time.  [Sounds like a lot of good memories! Sorry I tried to make you pick just one! One last thing.... BOOMER SOONER!]

Out of all your trips abroad, what is your favorite trip? Next vacation planned?  
There really are great things about all of the places I have been.  Costa Rica was awesome adventure-wise...white water rafting, ziplining, swimming in waterfalls, parasailing. [Just added this to my bucket list!]  I also really loved the history of Rome.  It's insane how this modern city is built right around ancient ruins.  And, of course, the Vatican was just amazing.  If I had to pick my favorite though, I'd say Switzerland, hands down.  We stayed at my cousin's house, which was in this tiny village with cobblestone streets, right on Lake Geneva, with vineyards all around and the Alps in the distance. [Ok, you talked me into it! Lets move there!] It was seriously the most beautiful place I have ever been.  It was like being in a fairy tale.  I'm currently in the process of planning my next trip to Eastern Europe---Berlin, Warsaw, Auschwitz, Prague, Budapest, and Vienna.  Hoping to do that this summer in celebration of my upcoming 30th birthday! [I told her just to check out all the good spots then make a list for me to use later! If stinking pharmacy school wasn't in my way I would totally be there with you! *sigh*]

What's your favorite blog?  
Oh man, again, I can't pick one.  So many of my friends have great blogs that I love reading.  There is you, of course, and then BrittJen,  LauraRobyn, Whitney and Amy.  As for people who I don't know, I really love reading Vintch...she is just a phenominal writer and The Single Woman...she always seems to say just what I'm thinking! [I think we had some miscommunication here on my part, but this works too! I was thinking more along the lines of what is your favorite blog that you have written. Guess I better clarify next time. Oh the bright side we all got a list of good blogs to go check out!]

Best advice you have for a future graduate?  
I guess I'd say follow YOUR dreams, not someone else's and not the picture of what you think you are "supposed" to want. [Now just to figure out what my dreams are?!?]  And don't apologize for it.  It's easy to get caught up in other people's opinions and perceptions of what success means and forget that this is your life, and you get to decide how to live it.  If you want to travel the world instead of get married, do that.  If you want a house in small town America instead of an apartment in New York City, do that.  If you would rather make less money but do a job that really makes a difference, do that too.  Other people get to make their own decisions.  You get to make yours. [ Love, Love, LOVE this!! I am so happy I asked you! So many great pieces of advice in there!]

You guy's have officially witnessed a part of history with this blog! Stay tuned for many more additions of Behind the Scenes of this oh so hectic, beautiful, crazy life I have and all the great people that inspire me to live it!


  1. Loved getting to know more about you! I am excited to follow your blog :)

  2. Miss Football is my favorite. :)