Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Favorite SB Commercial

I hope by now everybody has recovered from their Super Bowl coma. I still think that the Monday after the SB should be a national holiday. I mean after a day spent full of eating, relaxing and celebrating it is so unfair to make you wake up bright and early and go to class first thing in the morning. Anyways, how was yall's SB Sunday? We had some friends over and had entirely wayyyy to much food. Needless to say it was great, oh and the Ravens won (not my typical team, but that was who I was rooting for Sunday.)

Now lets get down to brass tacks here, how about them commercials?!?! What did y'all think? What were your favorites? I am sure y'all have all seen this, but incase you haven't, check it out! This was Dodge's Super Bowl Commercial "So God made a farmer.", and also my favorite one!

Immediately following the airing of the commercial my facebook newsfeed blew up with posts and reposts of the video. How great is it that I have so many friends and family members advocating for the agricultural industry. I think in today's society it is so easily overlooked how much that industry is the backbone of our great country. I couldn't think of a better platform to talk about agriculture and all the hard work our farmers, ranchers, and their families put in day in and day out than in front of millions of Americans and other countries across the world. You have read before about how people here in the city view country livin' and how so much of that outlook is skewed. So if you have a few free minutes, take the time to watch the video and see how much farmers and ranchers really put in day in and day out. All of these sacrifices are made so that we can have that fresh gallon of milk in the fridge or that oh so favorite blue sweater. If you really like it, comment, share and help advocate agriculture babyyyy :)

Have a great day lovelies!


  1. Not only did facebook blow up, but my cell phone too. Maybe the best commercial ever!