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Behind the Scenes: Laker Lover

Today friends, you get to meet one of my very best friends as we are currently on the way to OKC for a regional KY Province meeting! This girl I met in undergrad and I could not be happier! She has been there with me through thick and thin and has become the closest thing I can get to having a sister. By thick and think I mean we have done everything from road trips across the Western United States to late night study sessions and numerous movie nights! I don't think I could have made it through college and pharmacy school with out her love and support. She has been one of my rocks since the beginning and I love her to death! You guys would absolutely love her if you knew her, and if you don't will want to meet her after hearing reading her stories below!

What was the best thing about growing up in good 'ol Artesia, NM?

Oh Artesia…Growing up in a small town definitively have its pros and cons. At the time I was there I wasn’t a fan of it and I always wanted to move to the “big city.” Now looking back at it I wouldn’t change anything. It really defines a person! [Amen] I think the best thing about growing up in Artesia would be how close you are to family and if they are not family they are pretty darn close to family! I loved living close to my grandparents. I don’t know what I would do without Nana, she always spoiled my sister and I. :) Our schools, sports and activities were always supported and sponsored by this oilfield guy, Mack Chase. If it weren’t for him and his business we wouldn’t be who or where we are now! Artesia Football is one very good reason for living in good ‘ol Artesia. [Now I must admit, I didn't have such good memories of Artesia growing up. When I was in high school, Artesia FFA were the big dogs (or they thought they were) and they certainly weren't my favorite back in the day. Needless to say I am glad that I was wrong, because two of my very best friends are from good 'ol Artesia.]

How did you decided you wanted to do pharmacy?

As of December of my senior year I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, where I wanted to go to college or anything! [Some of us might still be there!] My dad didn’t want me to settle down and go to cosmetology school, he thought I could do a lot better (not saying that wouldn’t have been successful he just wanted me to be something else). So one day I walked into the counselor’s office and I saw the flyer about the COOP program [UNM/NMSU Cooperative Pharmacy Program is what she is referring to. We are both part of this unique program that you had to apply to out of high school. If you are accepted you transfer to NMSU to complete your undergraduate studies, then apply and transfer to UNM assuming you meet all the requirements.], so I looked into that I was like what the heck might as well give it a shot. I have always loved science and math so I figured this couldn’t be that bad, right?? Well two years of undergrad down and almost three years of pharmacy school down here I am! I may be a little more stressed out than when I started, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. Oh yah and after pharmacy school I plan on going to cosmetology school to do hair and nails on the side!! Yours anyways :) [If you guys have missed the blogs in the past about her dying my hair click here, and I plan on her doing it in the future, well assuming we are living in the same town.]

One of our many hair dying experiences!

What is your favorite memory with us?

My favorite memory with you and I would be all of our trips to Oklahoma!! I am so glad I converted you on becoming a Sooner fan, not that you had any doubt in your mind!  The many road trips we have taken down there filled full of talking and jamming out, oh and you taking your countless naps. :) [For those of you who know me, know that I L-O-V-E, LOVE my naps!] You always knew exactly what to do when I was getting pulled over; we had our little system down haha. [For those of y'all who know LL know that she kind of has a need.... a need for SPEEDDDDDD! Needless to say with that in mind, she has a tendency to get pulled over a lot so we had our system down.] I wouldn’t want it any other way. The day would always consist of a morning breakfast and cocktails followed by a little Game Day shopping so we would have something cute to wear [Which ended up being 5 new shirts. . . atleast!], a beer run and then to the tailgate we go. YES TAILGATING! One of the best reasons for college football right?? The fun times between my Mom’s tailgate and Dad’s tailgate playing beer pong, flip cup, jello shots, food, drinks, left right center, more flip cup, cornhole and everything in between. (YES we were always the flip cup champs :)) [Seriously, some of the most fun I have had! It is so much fun to go tailgating and to a football at a school that is serious about their sports teams. If y'all haven't ever been to Norman, it seriously is a blast! Go watch a game there!] 

Now we all know I am relationship challenged, but you have a boyfriend! What's the best part about being in a relationship?

The boy's name is Ali! I actually really enjoy being in a relationship although I am not sure of the reason. All it another best friend. We both met in pharmacy school and that is when it began. It started off just giving each other hard times about basketball teams (he of course is not a laker fan) and just escalated from there. I think the best part of this relationship is we always get to see each other and be together. We have been to Las Vegas, New Orleans, Oklahoma and fixing to go to California. One of our favorite things to do it watch basketball. I was lucky enough to take a trip to Oklahoma with Miss Pharmer Girl and him to watch the Thunder vs. Heat. It was a time of our lives! [The trip was a blast even though we made it all in less than 48 hours!] We also get to see each other everyday at school and most of the time we do study together. It is a person that you can laugh with, cry with, be mad at and be happy with. He always puts a smile on my face. I think God put him in my life for a reason and only the future will tell. I like having my sidekick around! <3

How did you become an Oklahoma fan?

This is a hard one. I would have to say since I am from Oklahoma and my dad is such a huge fan it has just stuck with me. I remember as a little girl my favorite show to watch was Sports Center [This is not a joke! Seriously, it is still her favorite show.] watching every sport’s highlights and watching the games. Being raised by a single father we were never allowed to watch cartoon so you just had to adapt to it. I woke up on Saturday mornings watch Game Day in my sooner outfit. When I was little we would go to as many games as possible. Both of my parents are season ticket holders and it helps that the quarterback for the Sooners for the past couple years is a guy I graduated high school from! So I think it would be safe to thank my Dad for this one :) 

Late night swim and cocktails!

You have been a Laker and Kobe Bryant fan for a long time, what has been your favorite game?

AHHHHH this is a hard one!!! I don’t think I can just pick one, but I have a few favorites. When I was younger when they had their three-peat championship series, I can say I was one happy girl! I would schedule my whole day around those games and make sure I was on Nana’s couch in my favorite Laker jersey by tip-off; never wanting to miss a second. My favorite games to watch on TV (yes I have two) [Of course you do!] would be Kobe Bryant’s 81-point game and when Kobe Bryant lit off Madison Square garden scoring 61 points. [Why am I seeing a pattern here, LL?!?] I am a bit obsessed with Kobe I will be the first to admit it :) so whenever he is doing so awesome I can only admire him!! It was the game when he was playing the Toronto Raptors on January 22, 2006 when you could just tell he had the touch. It didn’t matter the look he got or the person who passed it to him he was just unstoppable and scored a whoppin’ 81 points. "I was just determined. I was just locked in, tuned into what was going on out there," Bryant said. "These points tonight mattered. We needed them. The points I put in the basket were instrumental. It means a lot more."- Kobe Bryant [Just so she doesn't look crazy(-er) she did look these quotes up. Haha] I still will watch youtube vidoes of that game and think about how awesome Kobe is. Ok I better stop now before I get out of control, I could go on for days talking about Kobe and the Lakers. Along with those two TV games my favorite game that I have been to probably would be when the Lakers hosted the Boston Celtics. Although my list could go on, I just really liked this atmosphere! They are huge rivals and so it just made it a really fun weekend trip! [Why does it not surprise me that this was your longest answer?!?]

What is your favorite trip we have been on?

Oh Lord! I would definitely have to say our trip to Arizona for Province. [It was for Kappa Psi, our pharmaceutical fraternity.] Not only was it Province weekend but it was your 21st birthday weekend!! It started by road tripping with the five of us packed in the car full of laughter and music and naps! The whole weekend was a blast. Oh yah and it was St. Patty’s Day! We get into Arizona and meet friends at hooters for a beer before the night began. The first night we were there we planned to head to Mill Avenue and boy was that fun. [Oh my gosh was it ever! Kind of a blur if you ask me!] There was a ton of us there this weekend. While we were getting ready for the night we thought it would be a good idea to start drinking. So we pulled out the 99 Bananas and root beer. I don’t think Miss Pharmer Girl will ever look at 99 Bananas the same. [She is right, to this day, I still can't look at them without feeling a little queasy!] So we set out on foot to Mill Avenue, it wasn’t just around the corner either; we had quite a little hike to get to the bars. [She is not a kidding! Serious we were all dressed up and had to walk at least a mile!] Once we got there we weren’t quite sure how we were going to sneak Miss Pharmer Girl into the bar, until a guy in our group had a great idea. We would just have her sneak under the ropes and switch wristbands with her! [Genius right, welll....] Well it got her in! [& it all went down hill from there folks!] The night was full of lots and lots of shots and dancing till early morning. Once the bars were trying to close I figured it was time to get her home, but there was no way we were going to make that hike again. So outside the bar we met up with these guys getting a cab so we just decided to jump in and see where it took us. [Yes, I know... STUPID STUPID STUPID, but hey you live and learn my friends.] Well we ended up at the In-and-Out somewhat close to our hotel. The people in the cab along with the cab driver were being very sketchy so I grabbed Miss Pharmer Girl and we decided to run the rest of the way back to the hotel, yes wedges and all. [HAHAHA] It was one heck of a 21st birthday! The rest of the weekend was being with all the Kappa Psi brothers at socials and meetings and a little bit of shopping! It was by far one of the funnest trips I have been on period! [I agree, one of my favorite trips by far!]

What are you most looking forward to about our rotations?

The thing I am most looking forward to about rotations is seeing what else is out there. [Word] I am so excited to see what else pharmacy has to offer. I have had my mind set for along time as I was offered a great job so I kind of just want to get out and see what else is out there.  I am always up for new adventures. I am also excited to do an out of state rotation. I plan on going to Oklahoma once again to be close to my Mom, Sisters, and my two nieces!!!  And when I think about rotations all I can think of is that for 1. I am done with all the school material and 2. Graduation is right around the corner!!!! [Could not of said it better myself!!]

& that my friends is Laker Lover!

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