Monday, February 18, 2013

Soldier's Angel: Book of Sunshine

Never waste any amount of time doing anything important
when there is a sunset outside that you should be sitting under!
--C. Joy Bell

Now tell me this, who doesn't like sunsets? Well if you don't then you have no idea what you are missing out on! Sunsets are one of my favorite things to see and photograph. So I decided this week I would send my soldier a small photo album of all my favorite sunset pictures I had taken.

Since I started writing to him at the beginning of this year, I have told him a good history on me and who I am, but I have yet to send a picture of me or anything of the sort. Mainly because the site that I adopted him from made a big deal about clarifying "This is NOT a dating service." You would think that it is kind of obvious, but I guess there are some people that don't have any common sense. The last thing I wanted to do was to make him think that I was one of those girls trying to make something out of nothing. Before I knew it, when I was getting pictures put together for the album I ended up printing a picture of me to send.

I think the main reason I wanted to send him a picture was because even without having met him or knowing anything about him, I feel like he is one of my good friends. I have been including him in my prayers each day and constantly thinking about what to include in my next letter or care package to make sure he is taken care of. I have put so much time and effort into this "project", that I can't help but feel like I know him. It is amazing how something that starts out as being a little thing in an effort to give back, has turned into being such a important thing to me. On the other side of the letters, I think if I was in his shoes I would want to know who was sending me all the letters. You know put a face with name he has been seeing for the last couple months. Well whether it is right or wrong, I sent it!

Don't forget to take time for the sunsets!

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  1. Oooo....LOVE this idea!! And those pictures are great!