Friday, March 1, 2013

Behind the Scenes: Mrs. Texas

This lady was brought into the picture back in my good 'ol high school days. She was actually my coach for volleyball and basketball, no guys she isn't that old, just was a young (hot) coach at the time! :) I had no idea at that time what a great friend she would become. Back then we used to get a long, but I certainly loved to push back on her when she started yelling at me (on and off the court). I specifically remember my senior year one night after a film session, we sat in the parking lot at school and talked and talked and talked. She proceeded to tell me that she knew something was going on with me and was not leaving until I told her. Well 2 hours and many tears later we got to the bottom of it and even though I didn't dare tell her she was right, I knew our relationship went much beyond sports. Several years since then she has become one of my best friends and I couldn't imagine coming this far without her!

WELCOME to the blog one of my favorites... Mrs. Texas!

You were kind of a bad--- in high school sports, what was your favorite memory from those good 'ol days? (P.S. Don't get a big head that I finally admitted this.)
Well I'm so glad that you are finally admitting what I knew was true all along!!! Plus that means you have to admit I did know what I was talking about when I coached you!!! [Ok don't get cocky lady!]

My best memories of high school sports was my whole senior year of basketball season. I learned alot and all the hardwork that I had put in looking back made the whole season so fun. Mainly districts, regionals and state (even though we lost)!!!

What was your favorite memory from back in the your coaching days?
My favorite memory of coaching was probably my last year as stressed as you guys made me I think we laughed more and you guys cheered me up so much on bad days. There were many many laughs in all the frustration. [Since she didn't share this memory, I have to. Probably one of my favorite memories of her was one of our first days of practice together. She had just been introduced to us and the next day at practice, we were doing some friendly running drills, you know everybody's favorites. Like most high school athletes we were cutting corners, so she went and stood on one of them to made us run around her. We had been running and started grazing against her as we past. Every time she kept backing up and telling us to "stay out of her bubble". Of course that was just a dare to me! So the next time I ran around her I completely brushed up against her back and got glared down the rest of the lap. As my next lap approached and I ran past her I reached up a pinched her butt. As you can imagine she flipped. Everybody else thought it was funny, except her! I would like to call that our first "bonding" moment! Thank goodness she is over her "bubble" phase.]

Plus I got one of my best friends out of the deal. [Ya we did! Can you say SCORE!?!]

You are a new mommy to the cutest baby in the world, not that I am partial or anything. What's been the best and hardest part about it so far?
She is an angel!!! She is my greatest accomplishment so far in life! The best part is having something so wonderful need and want you. The hardest part is the responsibility of it all, as wonderful as she is she comes with alot of laundry, dirty diapers and all the other responsibilities lol. Not to mention the nights she won't sleep unless you are holding her and you only get 2 hours of sleep, either way I would still say the little one is still the light of my world! [As she should be, perfect! Thank goodness she takes after her Auntie :)]

You and I are both the babies of the family (and favorites), what was the best part about being the youngest and only daughter growing up?
Hahaha!!! The best part of being the only girl was I didn't have to share my toys with anyone haha, and my dad and I were extremely close when I saw him. [Lucky for you, I had to share my barbies with my brother. You know so we could pull their heads off and and run over them with tonka trucks!] Plus my brothers always took care of me. [That was a great part, even the threatening talks that started something along the lines of "If you ever talk to my sister..."]

This May you will have been married for 4 years, what has been the best part?
The best part of being married has been how much closer to each other we have gotten over the last year while I was pregnant. I'm extremely lucky to have such a great husband that takes care of me. [This is true! From an outsider's perspective I must say I was slightly jealous of them. Watching them within the first few hours with their new daughter just absolutely melted my heart and made me want to jump on the wedding bandwagon. Oh wait I still need to find a guy for that. Haha Y'all keep your eyes open.]

You grew up just a few miles down the road from my hometown and now live in Texas. How is the Lonestar state? Do you think it has room for one more of your favorite people (me of course)?
Texas is ALOT different from how we grew up, so much faster paced, and not everyone knows everyone like where we come from. I enjoy it most days, but when I think about Kaydence going to school I do wish we were back home.

Of course their is room for one more! We might take the town by storm. [Oh honey, I can almost guarantee that at one point in our life we will be living in the same town together in Texas! Start preparing yourself now!]

What are some of your bucket list items?
1. I want to go to Alaska on a cruise.
2. I want to go on either a Disney cruise or a trip to Disney World with our family.
3. Go to Hawaii.

Thanks for stopping by to meet one of my absolute favorites!

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  1. Love this! I think it's cool that you guys went from player/coach to best friends. And her baby is precious!