Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Break Recap

Spring Break 2013, man it was one for the books! Well I am not kidding about that, I don't think I have drove over 1800 miles during a spring break yet. It was 1800 miles of sheer goodness!

I started off by leaving town Friday at 1 pm to drive 11 hours to see my brother in Kansas! Lucky for me, my parents were still there on their spring break too so I got to see them as well! It was great! We started off Saturday at a Manhattan tradition, Fake Patty's Day. Have y'all heard about it? Well it is a day filled with "adult" festivities that about 25,000 people travel into town for! :) We started off bright and early and had a long fun filled day with lots of Brother of Mine's friends. Lets just say after the day, I was ready to go home and put on my pj's! The rest of the weekend was great. A lot of relaxing, laughing, catching up, and pure bliss. Seriously, one weekend with my family can cure all problems!

Tuesday morning the parents and I got up and drove back to our home area. We split off at Amarillo, they went home and I headed south to Lubbock to see three of my favorites, Mrs. Texas, Future Famous Guy, and High School BFF. I was lucky enough to actually get to see all of them so mission accomplished! Then perhaps the best part of the trip (don't tell the other three) I got to babysit my favorite little one, Miss Kaydence Lynn! She is just as adorable as y'all remember!

After Lubbock, I spent less than 24 hours at home! It was absolutely wonderful! The dirt roads, open space, starry nights and pure silence was great! Exactly the quiet get away I needed to finish off the hectic break! I drove back to the city on Friday (boo)! Since Laker Love was pretty much having withdrawals from one of her favorites, I decided to send her a little pick me up via texting.

On my way back home I was able to straighten out some details with Lovely Country Mess, and guess what!?!? She was already planing on coming to town to watch the Melrose Lady Buffaloes in the state championship, but then I convinced her to come up early and stay with me! Whoop whoop :)

Saturday was a fun filled day of basketball, basketball, and more basketball! Oh and did I mention that Miss Football and I made a bet on the championship game since it was her high school v. mine! Well unfortunately for me I ended up losing, and you will hear all about it on Wednesday, so stay tuned! After we watched the Lady Buffaloes, we went back to my casa to watch the Lobo game. All I can say about that is .... EVERYONE'S A LOBO! WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! After the game was over we were back on route to the pit to watch the 5A boys state game. Unfortunately after all the games were over, Lovely Country Mess and her bf had to go home, as did I.

Lovely Country Mess and I.
Oh and the sweet b-day card she got me!

Sunday was not near as fun! I had to catch up on the un-fun things that I didn't do the past week. You know homework, studying, and laundry. Blah blah blah!

Here's to a great week my friends!

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  1. Love that you had such a good break! Looks like lots of time with your favorite people. I am sorry your team had to lose, but sure am glad my team got the win! :)