Friday, March 22, 2013

Soul Food Friday

Today we are doing a new link up with my friend, Jennifer over at Almost Gypsy Soul. She started up this link up for every 4th Friday of the month, so y'all start linking up! This is meant to be about "Anything that motivates you, speaks to you or generally gets you excited about life, you can share it on Soul Food Friday."

What feeds my soul?!? Man this is an easy one considering I just spent the past week with some of my favorite people in the country. While I was on my little road trip I also got to see beautiful sunsets and even prettier countryside! I seriously think I am starting to fall in love with Kansas. It is beautiful up there, or at least the countryside we drive through is! As with most things, pictures say a thousand words and we all know I am not expert writer, so here we go.




--Stole the pictures from Google! Two of my favorite cities though, NYC and Seattle!

--A few of my favorites from my LA trip!

Country Life.

What feeds your soul?


  1. Your soul is eatin' gooooood. Excellent choices!


  2. Love these, Lauren! Especially the picture of your parents. They're so darn cute!