Thursday, March 21, 2013

I am behind...

Yes yes I know, world's worst soldier's angel right here! I was supposed to get this package off at the beginning of my spring break and I mailed it yesterday! (Insert disappointed face and finger shaking!!) As you can tell this package was March themed! St. Patty's Day decorations, carmel apple candy, flavored tootsie rolls, ranch sunflower seeds (one of my favs), crackers, more candy (Do you see a pattern here?), and some toiletry items.

I actually got really lucky that my G-Ma is so on top of things, because she saved my butt this week! I only had about half of those items already bought for the month and she had contributed the rest. Thanks G-Ma, you're my saving grace!!

All the goodies laid out!
&& them all packaged up with some decorations on top,
which will probably be the bottom by the time he gets it. Lol

Hope y'all are more on top of things this week than me!
Hope it's not my old age sinking in already?? :)


  1. You are not the worst, because I am. Never fear, you will beat me every time!

    Have you heard from your soldier yet??


  2. He's going to appreciate the goodies, regardless of when they get there!