Friday, March 29, 2013

Photo Friday Flashback

My friend Amy from over at A Desert Girl does a Photo Friday Flashback, so I thought I would give it a shot!

Back in January 2011, we got a serious snow storm. I am talking "cancelled 4 days of pharmacy school" snow storm, it was awesome! Even though we had only been back in school a couple week since winter break, it was just at the perfect time! Of course what do Laker Lover, Miss Artesia, and I decide that we should do?? We decided to dress up and go take pictures in the snow. I know smart and to make things even better, I was already sick! Well luckily for me I didn't get any sicker and the pictures turned out fabulous.

Dressed up in satin dresses with our make up on, hair fixed, and converses laced up tight, we were on a mission. The neighborhood we were living in at the time had a small playground just a few houses down from ours and we decided that was our location of choice. In between all pose changes, chattering teeth, and snow fights, we got several laughs, priceless memories, and a few pictures to document the fun.

Laker Lover
Miss Artesia

What are some of your "not so wise" decisions, that turned out remarkable stories?!?


  1. I LOVE IT!!!! What a fun day!! You girls look absolutely gorgeous in those pictures.

    And I'm soooooo excited that you did a Photo Friday Flashback too!! Friday blog-post twins!


  2. I love that you did a Photo Friday Flashback! We need to get Amy to do a link up!

    These pictures are so fun. And you look like a model in that last one!