Friday, November 21, 2014

Graduation Weekend

So evidently I have been slackin' on this writing blogs business, my apologies. Life has been a little bit of crazy since we last talked in April. Where to start? Well I graduated pharmacy school, moved to a different state, became a certified pharmacist and started working for a great company. I guess I will slowly start my recaps chronologically, so here we go . . .

Graduation Weekend
Back in May I accomplished something that I am pretty sure I thought was impossible at different times during my academic career. It only took me 6 years, two colleges, many miles down the road, countless hours studying, and the best support systems a girl could ask for, but I graduated pharmacy school with my Doctorate of Pharmacy. This is by far one of the greatest accomplishments at this point in my life and I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everybody who helped along the way. I know I may be a little partial, but I really am blessed with the best family/friends/classmates/colleagues! Before I get all sappy, I better start sharing the fun of graduation weekend.

Thursday night before graduation, our class put on a graduation banquet for our class and our family/friends. It was a fun, carefree night with the family. My parents, brother, his girlfriend and my Mom's parents all attended. Now mind you, we got stuck at the back of the banquet, could only hear every fifth word that was said, but we had a ball! Laker Lover's posse (yes posse, because she took up 2 tables at the banquet) were in town for the festivities too and we all had a blast together that night.

Friday morning, bright and early, Laker Lover and I headed downtown to start getting ready for the pre-graduation ceremony obligations (class pictures, etc.). The rest of our crew showed up just in time to save seats and snap a few pictures beforehand. Luckily for me, I had my own personal photographer aka mother to document the weekend. By eleven o'clock the ceremony started and an hour and a half later, we were officially PharmD's!

My favorite part of the outfit was definitely my shoes!
The original study crew minus one!
I couldn't have done it without them!
My two biggest supporters!
I would be lost without all their love support!
My two favorite Kansasians made the trip down!

After graduation festivities were over, we all shifted into party mode. Laker Lover and I rented out a room at the hotel we were all staying at for a graduation party. The party was a complete success if you ask me! We had about 100 family members, long time friends, classmates, and anybody else who wanted to stop by to enjoy the brisket dinner, cake and drinks. Times like these really reinforce my thoughts on how extremely blessed I am! Between Laker Lover and I, we had people there from at least 5 different states supporting us. It was a great weekend celebrating our accomplishment as well as catching up with everybody. It ALMOST made the idea of going back to school for something worth while if I could repeat the graduation weekend. ;)

Whew, that was kind of picture overload....
Happy Weekend Friends!

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  1. Two blogs in one week? Makes my day. So, so happy for you! Looks like the best celebration. Congratulations, Dr!