Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Patience My Friend

Yes, yes I am alive, you can call off the search parties. I have taken a little sabbatical from the blogging world, but I am going to start back up soon. Partly because I have lots of things to share and second because I have officially been called out on social media about my lack of blogging.... 

The only rebuttal I have to that is:
1. I have been extremely busy the past few/7 months. You will get the recap once I get back to blogging, so I won't spoil the fun now.
2. I have still been reading everybody's blog, so that is part of this blogging stuff right?? I think it partly counts.
3. This is for the person that called me out *cough*Mrs. Football*cough* (Did you see how I changed that to Mrs. Football now?? How exciting! A blog about that weekend to come soon too.)

Stay tuned friends,

1 comment:

  1. Several thoughts.

    1. We've waited long enough. You're acting like you have a LIFE or something!
    2. Glad my calling you out got the blog juices rolling again.
    3. I'm really dying to hear all about the last 7 months, including my transformation from Miss to Mrs.
    4. Carry on.